Dead Cells – What Can You Parry?

There are a lot of things you can and can’t parry. Here I try to list as many parry-able things as possible. Not that I recommend parrying certain attacks since dodging can be easier or better depending the situation but now you know.

What Can You Parry?

  • Any type of attack by an enemy (see “!” indicator in yellow). Both ranged and melee. (except the following: bomber dive attack, only appears in 2 BC and above and the slam attack from the slammer).
  • Spiked balls.
  • Flying razor blades.
  • Explosives (kamikaze the explosion itself! Also grenades from any mob; hammer , bombadier, …) Also flag in Hand of the king battle (not sure if flag or explosion, just try to clear them).
  • Enemies shockwaves (slasher, sweeper, skeleton, concierge,… (not sure about last two but it is fundamentally the same attack so it should be)
  • Tentacles (both moving and coming from underneath)
  • Elite lasers (multiple types; flat laser above ground/circling laser around elite)
  • “Bird” attacks (named after Hitchcock in custom mode) going from charge attacks and blue mobs spawning from hammers their stab attacks.
  • Worm eggs and worms attacks (both green and red) (from purulent zombie in stilt village and sewer levels)
  • Flying axes from mobs in forgotten sepulchre
  • Royal guard charge and lancer attacks through walls (together since same biome and both hard hitters)
  • Hooks (Btw you can also just DUCK under them. No joking)
  • Boss attacks you would not expect. (Yeah you read that right.)
  • Jump attack concierge (I find dodging is easier though)
  • Falling swords from the time keeper’s later phases. (Also falling rocks in the giant fight)
  • Conjonctivius green projectiles (please beware I mean the linear ones she shoots. Either 1,2,… in their respective phase. I don’t mean the bullet hell she can unleash. You can prob parry some here but not all since her high fire rate and the timing/duration of your animation)

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