Dead Effect 2 – Escape from Meridian DLC Missions Achievement Guide

A guide to each of the 4 achievements in the 10 new DLC missions.


Note: Credit goes to Ronnoc_117

  • Tentacles? Really?

Just finish the mission on any difficulty.

  • Hide and Snipe

Just stand behind some crates in the hallway and use a long to mid-range gun to take down the boss without going up to its level.

  • Bring Me More

Simply stay away from the summoner and kill the summoned zombies you can do this by going in a loop around the wall that it spawned behind, once the zombies stop spawning you will be safe to kill the summoner also if you need to make this easier you can do it on lower difficulties.

  • Brute Force

This is easiest gotten when trying to get Bring Me More, when the summoner is creating teleporting more zombies in it’s shield goes down so if you kill off all the summons it has it’s shield will always be up. This would be easiest on the easier difficulties.

Dead Shields

  • Thou Shalt Not Shield

Just finish the mission on any difficulty

  • No Tricks Needed

Just don’t use the paralyzer on any of the bosses to drop the shields and use and other weapon to kill them with the shield up, if you’re having trouble try killing the angel first as it heals the summoner.

  • Investigator

Just find all the Orbs and tablets in the mission any difficulty in 1 run of the mission.

  • Saved the Best for Last

This is a little misleading as none of the zombies are referred to as “The Supporter” but it is referring to “The Angel” the easiest way to do this is to lure the summoner away from it otherwise it will heal it and keep it alive then after killing it and any other zombies that are alive you will be free to kill The Angel aka “The Supporter”.

Holes in Space and Time

  • New Tricks

Just finish the mission on any difficulty.

  • Practice Leads to Mastery

This one would be easier on lower difficulties but I found that using a level appropriate shotgun and just going point blank for headshots worked very well.

  • No Touching!

This can be a more annoying on especially since it takes one mistake to need to restart but I found that simply constantly running and gunning with a shotgun worked well, aim forward to kill anything that appears in front of you and never stop moving so that they can’t ambush you from behind or the sides.

  • Jumped to his Death

I got this one towards the end after killing off most of the ninjas so that I could track them using the motion scanner and find points where they seemed to like jumping up to the second level where I then sat next to the spot when they were on the bottom floor with a shot gun at the ready for them to jump up. (If this doesn’t work for you then try a lower difficulty and watch and keep track of the shielded ones, with the shield they’re visible and so easier to track and see when jumping)

Charge the Ambush

  • No More Russian

Just finish the mission on any difficulty.

  • Need More data

You just need to find all the tablets there are 4 throughout the mission and the last one is on Bieliks body.

  • No Reinforcements Allowed

As soon as the mission starts take the first right and the summoner is there, play on an easier difficulty if you need to and kill it as quickly as possible.

  • Ambushing the Ambushers

If needed take things slow, have lots of medikits to refill your health when you look close to or if you’re worried about going below half health and have a strong weapon and go on an easier difficulty if you are having trouble.

Catching Up

  • Ex-Boss

Just finish the mission on any difficulty.

  • Mano a Mano

You can either play on a lower difficulty or use other weapons to bring him to low health and then use a melee weapon to finish him off.

  • No Cyber Needed

The enemy tends to teleport after taking a decent amount of damage and so I did this at the same time as “Mano a Mano” using a sword doing heavy attacks I hit him, he teleports and then repeat till he dies and you should be able to do this without using either of your active abilities.

  • Cleanup

When this achievement talks about teleport anchors it means the generators and so at one of these just keep killing enemies until they stop spawning in.

Smaller than I Expected

  • Big Hopes in a Small Boat

Just finish the mission on any difficulty.

  • Divide and Conquer

I used a weapon like an assault rifle or mini-gun where each individual bullet does less damage that way, I could get all 3 very close to death before I started killing them off.

  • Making Paratroopers

I did this at the same time as “Divide and Conquer”, after getting them all to very little health I was able to kill each of them one after the other with a single paralyzer shot.

  • Retirement Funds

You just need to be thorough and check everywhere and every locker as there are a few with credits in them, just before moving on to a new area after you’ve killed everything do a lap or 2 to check everywhere.

Ready to Blow

  • Faster than Light

Just finish the mission on any difficulty.

  • Pack Member

Using either a sniper weapon or some other direct accurate weapon would be best if you want to keep fighting while the dogs are there otherwise if you don’t want to do that you could sit back and wait for the dogs to either kill them off and turn hostile or to be killed off then feel free to attack them (note if they kill off the ninja’s and soldiers wait till any of the surviving dogs are chasing and/or attacking you before attacking them to be safe).

  • Jump Assist

Use a crossbow with explosive damage you can stick them with it when they attack you and should easily let you kill one or all of them off with explosives.

  • Lazy

Once entering the second area when Danette talks to you and offers to help you start running away and avoiding enemies until the dogs and spawn and then they either die or start turning hostile once either of these happen you are free to kill the rest of the enemies in the area.

In a Blaze of Glory

  • Blow up the Universe

Just finish the mission on any difficulty.

  • Friend or Foe

I simply used a sniper and avoided taking any shots if there was a friendly zombie in hand-to-hand combat with my target or behind my target and waited till either my zombie won or died and then I killed the enemy zombies.

  • Best Enemies Forever

When the tall green zombie boss spawns while Minikin is working on the terminal don’t kill it till some dialogue happens where it then becomes friendly and hacked, once that happens you need to kill it.

  • Protector

I took this as make sure Minikin isn’t attacked, to do this I used shockwave and bullet time to push back zombies close to him and give me more time to kill incoming zombies, I also used myself as a body shield to protect him.

To the Shores of Tau Ceti

  • Run, Cyborg, Run!

Just finish the mission on any difficulty.

  • Last Mementos

You just need to find all the tablets, orbs and credits in a single run of the mission.

  • Just Run!

Just don’t kill anything till you use the first elevator, you can do this on a separate run if you want to just get this achievement and skip the start but there are credits, orbs and tablets before the first elevator.

  • Bullet Dodger

This is easiest done on a separate run from everything else, just use your abilities like bullet time to avoid damage and shockwave to interrupt hordes of enemies, take your time and kill everything, just be careful of the start as the soldiers don’t stop spawning.

It Ends Here and Now

  • The Twin at the End

Just finish the mission on any difficulty.

  • Limited Weaponry

Use a high power weapon to take out the steel beast and then use the power shockwave to take out E-Danette shield so that you can kill her easily with the weapon you used on the steel beast.

  • Paralyzing End

Use what ever method you want to take E-Danette to almost no health and then just use the paralyzer.

  • Bug Squasher

This achievement is misleading as there is no enemy called “The Spider” and it is actually referring to the “Steel Beast”. This can be easily done but simply using all of your grenades against it if you can carry and hit with 8 grenades otherwise use an explosive crossbow.

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