Dead Island Definitive Edition – FoV + Gun Accuracy & Recoil Fix

How to increase Field of View on Dead Island as well as fixing the recoil and accuracy bugs that accompany changing FoV from it’s default values.


Next you’ll want to go to your game’s installation, the quickest way of doing this is to right-click the game in your steam’s list, go to ‘Manage’ then ‘Browse Local Files’, this’ll bring up your game’s installation folder.

Then you’ll want to open up the ‘DI’ folder, which will display the following:

As you can see there’s multiple Data*.pak files but the only one we want is Data0.pak, inside this pak file we’ll need to find ‘default_levels.xml’ in order to modify both the field of view values, as well as recoil and accuracy values for firearms.

Open Data0.pak through WinRAR then go to the ‘skills’ folder inside the ‘data’folder, then you’ll want to extract ‘default_levels.xml’.

Editing the Field of View

To edit the field of view, all you need to do is open up ‘default_levels.xml’ using Notepad, however I’d recommend using Notepad++ as it comes with better formatting than Windows Notepad.

Regardless of the tool used, when you first open up the .xml file you’re going to see a lot of values, you can ignore most of these.

The value you wish to edit will be ‘<prop n=”CameraDefaultFOV” v=”x”/>’, you can Ctrl+F to search for it, such as FOV for a partial match it should be the first thing to crop up.

X is where you’ll slide in your own field of view value to replace the default value.

When you’ve finished editing the field of view value in the .xml file, you can save the file and then add it back to the data0.pak archive in it’s original location if you wish, however doing so will make guns borderline useless as shown in the video below.

Not only will you suffer insane recoil, but hipfire accuracy is nonexistent and aimed accuracy is also affected to a lesser degree, guns become useless.

However this bug related to modified FoV values can be fixed!

Fixing Gun Accuracy & Recoil for Modified FoV

In order to fix recoil as well as accuracy to make guns playable if you have modified the FoV past it’s default value, you’ll need to edit additional values within ‘default_levels.xml’ and luckily they’re easy to find.

Starting with ‘<prop n=”FirearmsPistolAccuracyFactor” v=”1″/>’, you won’t need to scroll down far to find all the values related to each gun category in Dead Island.

You’ll want to edit these accordingly, I’ve set AccuracyFactor to 0 on all firearm types, this solves the bug of both the crosshair vanishing and tripping out with modified FoV, as well as accuracy being nonexistent.

Next I’ve set RecoilFactor to 0.1 and from my testing still feels a little heavy but it’s serviceable since in comparison both recoil and accuracy is not as nearly as bad when they’re set to their default values when your FoV is modified.

Below is a video showcasing the altered values on 90 FOV.

After you’ve made these additional edits, save the .xml file and add it back to the data0.pak archive and launch the game.

If it’s worked, guns should have a persistent and tight crosshair.

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