DeadPoly – Best Money Making Guide (SP Only)

Welcome to another guide, this time we will be making a lot of money! (SinglePlayer Only)

Now you can be Elon Musk in DeadPoly!

How to Earn Money

Selling Medicine Supplies

  • Medical Kits – $500
  • Painkillers – $125
  • Epinephrine – $250

How to Get Even More Money!

More Money!

This method requires you to loot an area, save the game, go to main menu and re-log

  1. Go to Hospital area.
  2. Loot Hospital & Ambulance.
  3. Get loot.
  4. Save game.
  5. Go to main menu.
  6. Relog in singleplayer.
  7. Reloot area.
  8. Sell at medical trader.
  9. Profit.
  10. Rinse and repeat!

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