Deadside – Achievement List

Guide to all achievements in Deadside.


  • First Step – Just Move your Character in Game.
  • First Blood – Kill another Player.
  • Cold Steel – Kill 10 Ai with Knife.
  • Gun Slinger – Kill 100 Ai with Pistols.
  • Need For Lead – Kill 100 Ai with SMGs.
  • Lead Storm – Kill 100 Ai with Assault Rifles.
  • Son of a Shotgun – Kill 100 Ai with Shotguns.
  • Rifleman – Kill 100 Ai with Snipers.
  • Hottest Potato – Kill 10 Ai with Grenades.
  • Headshot! – Kill 50 Ai with Headshots.
  • Last Bullet – Kill 10 Ai with last Bullet in the Magazine.
  • There can only be One – Kill 10 Players.
  • Full Arsenal – Kill 1 Ai with Each Weapon, All Pistols, SMGS, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Grenades, Knifes, Axes.
  • Modder – Put a Attachment on a Weapon.
  • Mr.Fix-it – Craft an Item.
  • A Mans home is his Castle – Place Land Claim.
  • Field Doctor – Tear something into Rags.
  • LumberJack – Chop 100 logs.
  • Trader – Buy or Sell 100 items.
  • Gourmet – Consume all types of Food and Drink that is available at the trader.
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