Death Stranding – Homo Faber Achievement / Trophy

A quick simple guide for this achievement / trophy.

Homo Faber Guide

Note: Credit goes to Lucky

Hey everyone, make sure you complete the game and reach max level with all the facilities then collect the memory chips first. You really don’t need it but it just makes things easier.

Whenever you click on a item, there is a empty box on the bottom left.

You want to craft it at least once.

If you preordered it, notice how the color ones does not have a check mark. That means it does not count towards the achievement

Once you crafted everything, it takes a few seconds for achievement system to pop. If not double check really quick. This is why it is easier to do this after you have completed everything in the game.

This is a quick easy way to keep track of what you need to craft, hope it helps and keep on keeping on!

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