Deathgarden: Bloodharvest – Character Stereotypes!

A not-so-serious guide on what your main shows about you, the player!


Currently, there are 5 scavengers to choose from, and I’ve noticed patterns about them. Here’s what your scavenger main says about you!


Fog players are all over the place, so Fog mains are a mixed bag. They are usually pretty decent, but the only things they shoot are blood banks and active drones. They also do everything they can to take the first blue crate at the start of the game, even if they use all their stamina to do it.


Switch mains are rare, but they are around. Switch players are pretty competent in chases, but they don’t use their power very often. Switch players also tend to stay by themselves most of the time, so don’t expect to see them around very often.


Sawbones players are usually over-altruistic. As soon as someone gets in a chase they will run over and shoot all their healing bolts at them. It’s nice to have a Sawbones main in the game, but don’t expect them to donate too much blood.


Inked mains are rare as hell, and you would be hard-pressed to find one. If you do spot one, then they will press the Q button A LOT OF TIMES. They are also not the best at chases, so they’ll usually die pretty quickly.


There are two kinds of Ghost players, however both have some similarities. First of all, Ghost players treat grass as their best friend. As soon as the music starts they’ll take cover in the tall grass and wait there until it’s clear. Also, Ghost players get a lot of blood, so having a team of Ghost around will mean that you’ll probably get Scavenger Domination pretty quick. As for the two types, there’s the self-centered Ghost and the Altruistic Ghost. The self centered Ghost players are cowards and will stay away from danger at all costs. The Altruistic Ghost will get somewhere safe (Like the tall grass) then make someone in a chase invisible. Also,all Ghost players use their ability as soon as chases start, which makes them annoying to kill.


There are only 3 hunters, and the stereotypes aren’t as drastic for them as the Scavengers. They do have some minor differences, however, which will be listed here.

The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is probably the most used killer in the game, so just like Fog, they’re a mixed bag. The thing that connects all Inquisitor players, however, is that they will never leave a downed survivor, and will execute as soon as they can. Also, most Inquisitor players don’t use their turrets. DON’T FORGET YOUR POWERS, HUNTER MAINS!

The Poacher

Poacher players are usually playing for the really fast machine gun, and not for the tripmines. They will almost never use their mines, however they will jump at blood banks every opportunity and will use their shock power quite often. Poacher players are also the most likely to leave a downed scavenger alive.


These people are just flexing their fat wallets. That’s about it, Terminator mains are pretty rare to come by.

The Stalker

This section is the entire reason I made this guide. If a piece of ♥♥♥ took a piece of ♥♥♥ then that piece of ♥♥♥ took a piece of ♥♥♥ then that piece of ♥♥♥ took a piece of ♥♥♥ then that piece of ♥♥♥ played Deathgarden, they would be a Stalker main. Stalker players are the cancer of this game. They will always go for their rifles, and will teabag after every down. They will spam the HELL out of their speed ability, but won’t shock too often. Some Stalker players spam invisibility, while others don’t. All of them jump really far just to do an air snipe. The good thing about Stalkers is that they aren’t very good at following you, however when blood mode activates, they will hone on to one person then go after them relentlessly, then proceed to teabag after downing them. Stalker players are not fun to play against, and if you see one, show no mercy, because they’re just gonna be a ♥♥♥ to you anyway.

Also, Stalkers players hack crates the most. I don’t know why.

Created by Smoke

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