Deathgarden: Bloodharvest – Hunter Guide


Hunter = The Inquisitor.

You got almost infinite stamina from denied health crates.

Perks = Autocollect + Turret CD. With those perks you have 2 additional drones (turrets) at any position you want and a lot of power cores from autocollect, Also, no need to say, that mentioned perks are 1st to lvl-up.

Weapons = riffles; Snake Bite has increased dmg when lvled up, used for downing; 2nd one used for hacking. Shotgun is not hitscan, so is useless. Also, no need to say, that mentioned weapons are 1st to lvl-up.

Other hunters = garbage (sorrry for that, if someone main them, but this is true).

Poacher = lack of stamina; other one = lack of stamina + lack of vision for sniper riffle (even if you use her for shock + burst, it is lack of stamina anyway).


No win conditions (the game will not write if you win or lose the match) but is defined by devs (by rewarding for down + recycle so much) as “get more exp and currency, than scavs”.

What to Do

When it is possible – press TAB and look, what opponents have you got. Compare their ranks to yours – now you have to decide, what to do.

They have higher rank, than yours – priorities are: hacking -> drones -> downing & recycle. Don’t try to chase scavs of higher rank – you will not sucseed trying get them down, lose time -> lose your exp and currency. In this case just hack EVERYTNIG and turn on EVERY drone you meet. After you got drone network you can try to down someone.

Same ranks – collect 3 crates, turn on drones on the blood delivery sites, then continue turning on drones as well as defending delivery sites. Playing this way you will have drone network on core territory of the map at the middle of the match and will be able to down scavs easily (as you have vision – even if one drone is destroyed – they will run under another). DON’T execute (ONLY RECYCLE) any scavs but those, who got healing – they will not allow you to recycle downed with revives so have to be executed as soon as possible. When observer said “Time has elapsed” – try to execute someone at the nearest exit, after that you have as max 1.5 minute to hack everything you can see.

You have higher rank, than scavs – just have fun 😉

You met a team – act as they have higher rank, than yours (even if it is not).

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