Deceit – How to Play

How to Play

The goal is simple: to reach the last floor and get out to freedom. But what or who will stop you? Your friends!

Six people wake up in a room, two of you have been infected with a virus. At first glance, the virus has no visual effect… you don’t look like anything, you don’t move in any other way, and you’re no different. Until the lights go out.

Periodically, you find yourself in the dark, during this period, the virus can begin to act, turning the infected person from a human form into “Forms of Horror”. In this form, they see better in the dark, run faster, they are harder to kill, and also, they get the opportunity to kill innocent players…

Innocent players will need to try to work together to find out who is infected, but with very great difficulty: from the very beginning you will need to find out who you trust and who you don’t.

During the passage of locations, you will find items designed either to help or to prevent escape.

The Horror camera is sensitive to light, so the light is everywhere.

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