Deep Rock Galactic – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Newbies

General Tips

When calling in the drop pod, it always lands a fair distance away from you, which means you can mostly guess where it will land. If you call it at the bottom of the mine, it will land near the top, and vice versa. Keep this in mind if you have passed any difficult terrain on the way down. You can climb back up first, then call the drop pod, and either continue the ascent through easier paths, or head down if it landed below you.

Following Molly should be a last resort. She loves going straight up walls and through tunnels that your average dwarf can’t navigate. Use your map [tab] to plan your route, and you can make it back to the pod before she does.

  • Dig through tunnels blocked by dirt, it will lead you deeper into the cave.
  • Use the map to find unexplored tunnels and caves, look for “tails” on the map as those usually lead you somewhere.
  • Make sure that navigating the way back you came from is as easy as possible, you might not have that luxury when fighting your way back to the drop pod.
  • Do not rely on the way markers left by the Mule when returning to the drop pod, as the Mule may take a path that’s inaccessible to you. Memorise the layout or use the map to find your way back instead.

Class Tips

  • Each class has its own way to traverse terrain. Some are better than it than the others.
  • As scout, you should be able to get pretty much anywhere with your grappling hook. It also has unlimited use.
  • As gunner, you have ziplines. Their number is very limited, so make sure you use them sparingly when you really need them.
  • Driller can drill tunnels that allow him to go in any direction. Every class can do that with their pickaxe, but driller is far faster. Again, make sure you don’t waste all your fuel beforehand.
  • Engineer has his platform gun. Again, there’s the ammo issue, but I find that you can use the platforms more liberally than driller and gunner can use their things.

Other Tips

  • Try to remember the map when u r in. When u going down u need to understand that u will go up when it’s time to leave.
  • Drill straight to the pod with driller when it’s not more then 85 meters, especialy if ur driller without best perks and builds. Usualy it’s way faster and simplier and less risky just to run to the pod with ur lags.
  • Have some practice with ur 3d map(tab button), u need to get used to it so u can think fast when it’s a lot of bugs arond u and when Molly is goung trhough the textures or smolle holes.
  • Movement is king, especially on higher hazards. Try not to stay too much in one place, easy to get swarmed.
  • Pretty much every enemy has a distinct sound to them, so you often know they’re nearby without even seeing then. With time you’ll know which sound means what.
  • If you’re playing with more people, it’s nice to ask if they’re ready before starting event – like bosses, drilldozer and such.
  • For the mission Point Extraction, the more longer it goes on the more swarms there are, so it’s good to do it relatively fast.

So the most important thing is that you enjoy playing the game.

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