Deep Rock Galactic – Escort Duty Engineer Defense Position Guide

This guide will explain how to create a effective defense position with the engineer class during escort duty, specifically for the Ommoran drilling phases.

How to Create Escort Duty Engineer Defense Position

Basic Principle

When to use this?

This technique would be used for the 4-stage defense during Ommoran Stone drilling (within escort missions).

This defense position requires around a minute to make. It is suggested to utilize sentry guns with maximum ammo upgrades to ensure constant DPS on enemies.

Basic Setup

We begin by reaching the Ommoran Stone. Lets take a look around. You will notice the boundaries on the ground have two states: ommoran solid (BLUE), and the the ommoran residue (RED). The blast between each phases will destroy any platform placed within the circle of dotted residue (RED) . Placing platforms outside this boundary is needed.

The rule should be “Do not place the platforms within the dotted ommoran line” – in this case anything within the blue line and towards the core is not advised.

Lets briefly look at the sides. The yellow grid is where you shouldn’t place platforms.

Here you can see what would be a correct positioning to use:

Notice how the platform line ends approximately a few meters we reach the spike location. If done on both sides, this would create an almost full semi circle of platforms – more visuals on that later.

Important remarks

Again, do not stand on the platforms – this overrides the bugs pathing, meaning they will crawl over the platforms to reach your team.

The semi circle should not be a full half-circle; leave a space of a few meters between platform ends and the crystal locations.

Improving the Basic Setup

To improve the platform wall, you should add turrets. Max ammo upgrades are suggested to keep them firing for longer.

Things to note:

  • The platform wall hasn’t reached the pillar, which is good.
  • Platforms are all behind the outer dotted line, or slightly touching it.
  • Main solid floor is uncovered by platforms.
  • Small gaps like these will not impact performance, however larger ones will.

Notes about turret placement:

  • When placing your turrets, make sure they are not behind the dozer (not within the blue line boundary) (1).
  • This ensures that turrets will be able to shoot enemies directly beside/under the dozer (3).
  • Additionally, place your turrets at a 45 degree angle off the dozer (facing diagonally towards where the crystals were) – this ensures that turrets have ample rotation arc to fire on enemies coming from the flanks (2).
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