Deep Rock Galactic – How to Access The Backrooms

This guide will give a few examples of ways of accessing the Backrooms in the co-op mining FPS game Deep Rock Galactic.


The game known as ‘Deep Rock Galactic’ has numerous ways to enter a location known as the Backrooms. While staying in this location for any period of time is impossible due to the dwarves’ Chad Energy being unable to be contained inside the backrooms as there’s not enough Rock and Stone in there, it is still possible to visit it for a moment before being teleported back into the main game area. This guide will go over some of the many methods dwarves wishing for a one-second holiday can use to visit the Backrooms.

Method One: Barrel Fling

The first and easiest method of accessing the Backrooms is known as the Barrel Fling. It’s quite easy and risk free to do, making it a popular method for dwarves wishing to enter.

Step 1: Go find a barrel in the Space Rig. They should be easy to find unless a fellow dwarf kicked them all into the launch bay for the 69,420th time.

Step 2: Kick the barrel repeatedly into a corner while standing on it. Spammed fast enough and for long enough, this should make the barrel fling you to the Backrooms. If you’re having trouble try getting a friend to help you kick the barrel into the corner repeatedly.

Method Two: Hack-C Orbital Launch

The other popular method, which is more time consuming but much more reliable, is the Hack-C Orbital Launch method.

  1. Enter a mission where Hack-C may be called down. This is easiest to do with Industrial Sabotage missions but also works if you can find a Prospector Data Deposit in any other mission type.
  2. Call down Hack-C to hack the power station/data deposit, and set up the connection and hack it like normal.
  3. Before Hack-C blasts off back to the Space Rig, jump on the hacking pod and he’ll take you up with him!
  4. You won’t end up in orbit or back on the Space Rig, but the Backrooms.

Explanation of what happens: Hacksy only drilled down a certain way to get to you, being teleported in a hundred meters or so above you in solid rock, and upon hitting the end of the tunnel he dug on his way down he will be teleported back to the Space Rig again.

However, the teleporter is designed for robots, not dwarves, and being still on top of Hacksy when he teleports back to the space rig will trigger a strange warp of reality where you will fall back through the map, straight through solid rock. Hitting an open cavern on your way down will put you back into that cavern in normal reality, but going past the whole map will send you to the Backrooms.

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