Deep Rock Galactic – How to Deal More Damage to Enemies

Tips to Deal More Damage to Enemies

  • Grunts/slashers/guards and other standard shaped enemies like webspitters and acid spitters all take 2x damage to the mouth. Almost EVERY enemy has a weakpoint, learn ‘em and aim for them always!
  • Praetorians have a 1x weakpoint on their big green butt, which means you’ll be doing standard damage unless you have weakpoint upgrades (For example, if you take Hollow Point Bullets in the tier 3 upgrade on your Bulldog revolver, praetorians will now take 1.35x damage to the butt. Grunts will take 2.7x to the mouth.
  • Knowing when to use your primary and secondary is also important. With the thunderhead and hurricane, using them against large crowds of enemies is ideal, as well as lone trash enemies like grunts.
  • For high priority or tanky enemies, such as praetorians, wardens, menaces, septic spreaders, etc. you’re generally better off switching to your secondary. There are exceptions to this rule, like if you’re running a high single target dmg minigun build, and an AOE explosion bulldog build (very niche case there).
  • Overclocks do help, but remember that incredibly high damage builds generally have significantly less ammo. This makes them trickier in higher hazard levels where there’s a lot more enemies between each resupply – being able to spread 1000 damage out with 10 shots may be more useful than 1000 damage with 1 shot, if there’s 10 enemies in front of you. You know?
  • Elephant rounds OC for the bulldog and Leadspray OC for the BRT, along with damage upgrades, will let you kill praetorians in a couple hits like you want.
  • Also, just saying, armor breaking upgrades are generally pretty awful compared to their alternative upgrades. Most enemies have weakpoints that aren’t covered by armor, and that’s what you should be aiming for.

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