Deep Rock Galactic – How to Link Game Saves Between Game Pass for PC and Steam

Link your Steam and PC Game Pass saves so you can play with friends on both platforms without needing to manually keep your saves up to date.

Guide to Link Game Saves

Step One: Locate Save Files

Xbox Save:

  1. Press Win + r to open the run menu
  2. Enter %localappdata% and press Ok
  3. Enter the folder called Packages
  4. Enter the folder starting with CoffeeStainStudios.DeepRockGalactic_ followed by a string of characters
  5. Enter the folder called SystemAppData followed by entering wgs
  6. Enter the folder whose name is a string of characters and again for the next one
  7. Select the file whose name is a string of characters and press ctrl + shift + c to copy the path
  8. Open notepad and paste the path and denote it as the Game Pass save

Steam Save:

  1. Open the Steam library page for Deep Rock
  2. Click the gear icon then select Browse local files under the manage dropdown
  3. Follow the path FSD\Saved\SaveGames
  4. Select the file ending in _Player.sav and press ctrl + shift + c to copy the path
  5. Paste the path into the notepad file and denote it as the Steam save

Step Two: Remove Steam Save

  1. Move the file ending in _Player.sav to a safe directory outside of the Deep Rock game files

Step Three: Create Link

  1. Open a Command Prompt as an administrator
  2. Enter mklink replacing both paths with the ones identified earlier
    • Including the quotes
    • Right click in the Command Prompt to paste

Step Four: Rock and Stone

Trouble Shooting

Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

  • Ensure the file ending in _Player.sav_ has been removed from the Deep Rock directory

You do not have sufficient privilege to perform this operation.

  • Ensure that Command Prompt has been run as an administrator.
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