Deep Rock Galactic – If Only I Got Paid For This… 100% Guaranteed But Cursed

This guide will teach and show you how to do the legendary “”If Only I Got Paid For This…” in a safest way with 100% chance of getting it, without any bugs or abuses.

If Only I Got Paid For This… Guide

Note: Credit goes to Silent Lumi

This is the only way to consistently get this, with 100% chance

However, this will be long and you’ll need to get used to animation of your mug.

Why? I will give you a jester, git gud scrub

Gib. Because game is heavily RNG dependent, and frustrating as hell. Highest speed simply cannot be done, barrels appear too slow, and etc. Frustrating and stupid. But! Lucky for you, I have something even more stupid, but less frustrating.

How does it work?

Throwing an empty mug in the ring will get you exactly 1 score point, but will not count as a kick. However, throwing it from below the ring may result in getting up to 10 points, with enough luck.

How does it differ from simply throwing it from above?

As said above, you should do this exactly from below. Mugs have a fun behavior in this situation, and can stuck in the ring, getting you up to 10 points. And we will use the ♥♥♥ out of it.

This is important since throwing from above will take miserable amount of time, and you will be missing many of shots, running back and fourth from abyss bar to the barrel game.

First of all, you will need to get at least 2700-2999 with barrel kicks in order to make it in a reasonable amount of time

You should stop at 98-99 kicks. Important: Do not touch a barrel afterwards, it will count as a kick.

Of course, nobody stops you to do it all the way down from 0, but this will not be fun.

Second, you should buy a mug and drink it

Leaf lovers suits better since it’s cheap and won’t disturb your vision.

Repeat this step somewhat 10-30 times and throw all of them below the ring. Don’t bother with hitting it yet.

Third, get down there and make it done

Throwing high enough is tricky. How to do it:

  1. Grab a mug.
  2. Look up, line yourself with ring line.
  3. Start throwing animation and jump at end of it. It takes some tries to get used to it, but not too much.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

All of it is best done with friend(s).

It may be quite hard to understand from text alone, so here is a video!

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