Deep Rock Galactic – Important Tips

There is a lot of things to know about DRG, this is a guide to highlight some of the lesser known details, or give you some ideas on how to improve in ways you hadn’t thought of before.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Communication is Vital

There are multiple ways to communicate in DRG

  • Voice chat
    Easiest way to communicate, but not all may be able to use it for one reason or another.
  • Text chat
    Takes a moment to type things out, but still a reliable way to inform your team of what’s going on.
  • Pinging, Saluting, and Shouting
    Not as reliable as the other two, but they are quick and easy, just press a button and most likely your team will get the message.
    Note that the laser pointer can be seen by the whole team, not just the spots you ping, so you can point directly at something and they can see where your laser pointer is going.

When you go to start any kind of objective, ask yourself “Is my team ready?“, if you cannot answer this question then you need to not start that objective.

There are a couple of things you can do in this situation:

  • You can hold Alt to look around and see where your teammates are and what they are doing
  • You can ask your team if they’re ready

You cannot be expected to wait forever, but please do give your team some breathing room.

Stick Together

When something major is happening, it is in your best interest to group up immediately.
Doing so will have the following effects:

  • You spend less ammo because your team is helping kill bugs around you
  • You don’t need to spin around as much, if at all, because you have temmates to watch your back, and you theirs
  • You will get picked back up quickly if you go down
  • You can take full advantage of the equipment your teammates have brought with them to the fight

You don’t need to stay clumped up, just near one another, close enough that your team can help you.

Do Not Rush

It doesn’t matter if you want to get things done fast, rushing objectives may lead to a team wipe, and instead of saving time you will only waste everyone’s time.

This goes for everything:

  • Starting the refinery
  • Digging out an egg
  • Popping a Dreadnought cocoon
  • Calling the escape pod

All of these can screw over your team if they weren’t ready, there may be one last thing your team wanted to get, an event you didn’t see, or in the case of alien eggs, another teammate may be digging one out too.

What’s bad about digging out two eggs at once?

Each egg either spawns a massive amount of glyphids or it starts a swarm, having multiple of these happen at once can easily overwhelm a team, the higher the difficulty the easier it can overwhelm.
I have seen so many missions fail just because someone was impatient and kept going for an egg, there are audio and visual ques to alert you that an egg has been taken, when you see these you need to stop and wait for the current bug problem to to be resolved.

Game Mechanics


When fighting the twin dreadnoughts, try to keep their health bars even

  • They only heal if the difference in their health is too far apart
  • The one that loses health to heal the other loses far less health than the other is gaining back, this is a huge waste of everyone’s ammo
  • You don’t need to keep firing at all times, you can wait a moment to find the other twin, this can prevent the above point

If you realize a dreadnought is targeting you, it’s in your team’s best interest for you to lead it away from them for as long as you can, this gives them a better view of their weakspots.

Repellent Platforms

In the game’s code, these act as 2 meters of distance between a bug and a player when the bugs are pathing, they want to take the shortest distance, so they choose to path around repellent platforms.

If you have no openings leading to you or the path to you is too long, bugs will freely walk over repellent platforms like they’re not even there, additionally if you’re standing on repellent platforms they will again just walk right up to you.

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