Degrees of Separation – The 3 Unrelated to Collecting Scarves Achievements

This guide is to locate where each Secret Place is, as well as the Leap of Faith achievement!

Secret Places

All these achievements as well as the Leap of Faith achievement are in the Castle section after the First World…

Secret Place (1):

After finishing the first world and as you take your first steps into the castle, you will come across your first rope climbing. The rope is quite long so it’s not hard to miss. Keep climbing up without jumping to any side and voila… You will get the Unsealed Ceiling Achievement once you go into this room.

Secret Place (2):

When you are done with the previous area, go to the right edge from climbing that long rope. Then climb the next rope you encounter and from there keep going right until you get to the area shown in the picture below…

Jump to reach that board that is sticking out of the wall and keep going through the wall to the right. There you will get the Another Brick in The Wall Achievement.

Leap of Faith

From the previous area, climb up and go to the right. Keep going right and you will reach a mountain edge. Jumping from that edge, keep going to the right until you reach the edge of the castle.

From there jump to the right and keep falling. Don’t worry you won’t die. You will get the Leap of Faith Achievement once you reach the bottom.

And that is all. I hope this tiny guide helped.

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