DELTARUNE – Alternate Route / Snowgrave (Walkthrough / Chapter 2)

Full Walkthrough (Chapter 2)

Note: Credit goes to The Great Brandini

The run starts when you get to the trash zone. Continue until you reach Noelle. (You can even start this run when initially doing pacifist) (This wasn’t done this run FYI, but it’s possible to do)

Backtrack to the trash zone. On your way there and back, defeat every enemy with Noelle only using the ice ability. Optionally, interact with the door on the farthest left you can go (the Spamton shop). You will know when you are still on the run when the rooms are filled with enemies and no cars appear. Kill every enemy with the ice attack; block with Kris and only use the ice attack. You can do damage with other attacks, but this is very risky, so I advise using only the ice attack. Continue this process until you reach the room with the Ferris Wheel poster. Once you make it to the room with the Ferris Wheel, you must do the following:

  • Kill the enemies running around with Ice.
  • Go to the only NPC in the room, and say you two are “something else.”
  • When the NPC stops you when you walk away, continue choosing the “Get It” option until you get the first ring. Equip the ring.

Please note that it is now optional to interact with the Ferris Wheel poster. If you do interact with it:

  • Choose “You will ride with Noelle”, then select the “Noelle will ride it with me” option.

In this same room, you will encounter the 2 switches with the lightning gate. Noelle will offer to step on the switch so you can pass unlike a normal run where you do it. Afterwards, she says she considered letting go and letting you die. You can respond with anything here.

If you did this right, the music should change to a lower pitched version of the City theme. If so, you are on the right track.

Continue to the next part of the run, where you encounter the second mouse puzzle, Noelle will ask how you are going to solve it. Only say “proceed” until she freezes the puzzle over. She will then do this with the third puzzle as well. REMEMBER! You must continue to kill all enemies with only Noelle’s ice. In the large room with the two tall car roads, you can optionally go down to the dog dumpster area (where you get hit by Toby and his car) on the right road far down early to check how many fights you still need to win. It should say “4 Left”. If so, you are on pace. Otherwise, backtrack and wipe out any enemies you missed.

In the next 3 rooms, there will be 4 enemies. Kill them all with Noelle and return to the dumpster. Talk to it, say “yes” to buy the second ring (it costs roughly 2,000 kromer). YOU MUST equip it for the birdly boss fight. (The attack will cost 200%. Equipping it will make the cost equal 100%.)

You are almost finished. In the Birdly encounter, you must say “Proceed” when he asks you what you are doing. This will start a slightly harder Birdly fight. In the fight, Noelle has a new spell that costs 100% TP. You must use this move to end the fight. You will also notice that Noelle’s HP slowly drains during this fight. It stops at 55, and Berdly only targets Kris, so don’t focus on healing. Once you use this move, there will be a cutscene that plays where noelle freezes Birdly and walks out of the fight.

This is the point of no return. After getting this cutscene, you are locked on the path, and can continue to play normally. Continue reading if you want to know what happens after the cutscene, or stop if you want to remain spoiler-free.

Follow Noelle upwards and you will reach a manhole. Go in there to meet up with Susie and Ralsei. You will enter the castle from the front entrance and see the shop blocked by a statue-form of Roxxls Card. Make your way to Queen while doing whatever to the enemies as you please(You are locked in, but continue to kill the exact same results). You will notice small changes in the castle. Watch the cutscene, save, and buy any items you need before the new final boss.

The boss is Spammer NEO. However, you fight him alone with Kris. Kris has 2 new abilities to use: X-Slash, which deals massive physical damage and a healing skill. The fight is largely the same. At the end of the fight, you get him down to 10% HP. He will only take, at most, 10 damage from your attacks. You must ACT and call Ralsei, Susie and Noelle while dodging the final attack. Doing all of this will end the fight.

Outside of the Dark World, Noelle will wake up and seem slightly more confident as she directly asks Susie if she has a tail. She will also notice Birdly, who is “asleep.” Interacting with Birdly says that “he appears to not be awake.” Birdly is dead.

Going to the hospital will initiate different dialogue with Noelle. When she goes to leave the room as normal, she notices Kris before Susie. Unlike normal, leaving the room will also trigger more dialogue where Noelle is still thinking that what happened was a dream. You have the option to tell her that it was not, but before you can get a response, Susie interrupts and you leave. The only other difference is the light world is when you go back to the Dark World hub/ Ralsei’s kingdom. There will be a cutscene where only Queen, the robot trio, blue salesman, swatch and a trashcan will be recruited. A final difference is that Ralsei will have a “Puppet scarf” in the inventory increasing his attack by a huge degree and upon equipping it he says: ”If I have to fight…”. The ending is the same with no differences. This is the end of the differences in the run.

Tidbits and Small Things

  • Kris’s and Noelle’s titles in the Status menu change throughout this playthrough.
  • If you bring Noelle’s watch to the Dark World, you bring it back with you in real life. This changes the dialog on the hospital scene slightly.
  • Just like in the Undertale Genocide route, where Flowey does the puzzles for you, Noelle does the puzzles in this route for you.
  • Berdly looks like Falco, so the Crystal he gets frozen in looks like the Shine.
  • After finding Noelle, if you have Lancer in your inventory, he will say “Ho-ho! A soft cream is following you! Can we make her a bad guy?”
  • Inspecting the closet in the lab reads: “A large person can easily fit inside.” This is implying that Kris would hide the body of Birdly in the closet.
  • Getting the Freeze Ring will change Noelle’s battle transition animation. She no longer flinches during the animation.
  • At the first laser puzzle, you can talk to Noelle from behind, bringing up dialogue that says: “I.. I can’t see what they are doing, but… Aren’t they staring at me?”
  • The trashcan in the computer lab has a different sprite
  • Interacting with the bead toy on this route will read: “(One of the blue beads is broken and torn off.)”
  • Pressing right during the black hospital scene will prompt different dialogue from Noelle
  • When you call Noelle during the Solo Spamton NEO fight, it says “You whispered Noelle’s name” AND NOT “Kris called but nobody came.”
  • Noelle’s HP stops draining at 55 in the second Berdly fight because 55 in Roman Numerals is LV (Level or LOVE)
  • The freeze ring is optional. However, it is highly suggested and speeds up the process of freezing enemies.
  • There are audio cues that play when you either progress on the route or lock yourself out of it. The negative sound effect (meaning you are progressing) plays at the first teamwork laser, and the positive sound effect (meaning you locked yourself out of the route) plays when you solve the second puzzle instead of forcing Noelle to do it.
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