Derail Valley – License Reference [Build #92]

This is a reference list of all the licenses in Derail Valley as of build #92. The licenses are listed together with its price, benefits, consequences and prerequisites for easy comparison and analysis. I hope this guide is useful e.g. when deciding which license to buy next.

All data come from the cards printed from a Career Manager machine in the game.

I find it easier to compare the licenses when they are side by side all on the same page rather than printing new cards all the time. I am pretty sure I’m not alone in that aspect. That’s why I compiled this guide.


Note: Credit goes to MagnusA

The licenses are grouped by the color code of the cards printed from the Career Manager machine.

The Insurance Copay listed for each license adds to the player’s current copay obtained from previous purchased licenses. For example if the current copay is $5,000 and the player buys the Concurrent Jobs 1 license (which lists a copay of +$7,500) the new copay will be $12,500.

The Time Bonus Deadline listed for each license is a reduction of the maximum time required to get a bonus.

From the in-game Derail Valley Guide on Licenses:

  • To buy any licenses you must first clear all your fees.
  • You can buy licenses at any Career Manager machine, in station offices.
  • Licenses affect your copay and the time bonus deadlines. Before you decide on a purchase, print license info for more details.

Licenses for Job Types

NamePriceInsurance CopayTime Bonus DeadlinePrerequisitesDescription
Train Driver$0+$100-0 %Access to the Derail Valley railway network, as a train driver. You can now take any job you have license for.
Freight Haul$0+$0-0 %Access to all jobs of the Freight Haul type. This job type involves delivering cargo between industries, from/to empty input/output tracks.
Shunting$1,000+$0-0 %Access to all jobs of the Shunting type. This job type involves oading/unloading cars within an industry, from/to occupied storage tracks.
Manual Service$20,000+$4,900-0 %Allows you to manually service locomotives in service stations, for half the cost of what’s listed on the Career Manager. That includes repairs, refueling and other servicing.
Logistical Haul$20,000+$0-5 %Concurrent Jobs 1Access to all jobs of the Logistical Haul type. This job type involves moving empty cars between industries, from/to occupied storage tracks.

Licenses for Locomotives

NamePriceInsurance CopayTime Bonus DeadlinePrerequisitesDescription
Multiple Unit$30,000+$5,000-1 %Concurrent Jobs 1Allows you to run multiple locomotives from a single cab when connected by a compatible cable. Useful when needing extra power.
DE2$0+$0-0 %Access to the 2-axle diesel-electric locomotive in DV. They are suitable for loads up to 400 tons.
DE6$200,000+$30,000-4 %Concurrent Jobs 2Access to the 6-axle diesel-electric locomotive in DV. They are suitable for loads up to 1,400 tons at a high maintenance cost.
SH282$50,000+$12,000-2 %Concurrent Jobs 2Access to the 2-8-2 steam-powered locomotive in DV. They are suitable for loads up to 1,000 tons at the cost of high involvement.

Licenses for Concurrent Jobs

NamePriceInsurance CopayTime Bonus DeadlinePrerequisitesDescription
Concurrent Jobs 1$10,000+$7,500-2 %Allows you to do 2 jobs at the same time. Removes the rerail discount!
Concurrent Jobs 2$20,000+$9,000-5 %Concurrent Jobs 1Allows you to do any number of jobs at the same time.

Licenses for Train Length

NamePriceInsurance CopayTime Bonus DeadlinePrerequisitesDescription
Train Length 1$10,000+$3,000-2 %Access to jobs up to 10 cars long. Removes the rerail discount!
Train Length 2$20,000+$9,000-2 %Train Length 1Access to jobs of any car amount.

Licenses for Hazmat Cargo

NamePriceInsurance CopayTime Bonus DeadlinePrerequisitesDescription
Hazmat 1$40,000+$38,000-4 %Access to jobs involving sensitive, flammable cargo.
Hazmat 2$130,000+$150,000-4 %Hazmat 1Access to jobs involving the more hazardous materials cargo of tier 2.
Hazmat 3$290,000+$300,000-5 %Hazmat 2Access to the most dangerous jobs involving materials cargo of tier 3.

Licenses for Military Jobs

NamePriceInsurance CopayTime Bonus DeadlinePrerequisitesDescription
Military 1$100,000+$300,000-0 %Access to logistical haul jobs based in restricted military zones.
Military 2$30,000+$0-4 %Military 1Access to fragile, highly valuable military jobs.
Military 3$400,000+$300,000-5 %Military 2Access to the most valuable, top secret military jobs.
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