Despotism 3k – Achievement Guide

There are a few pretty tricky achievements in Despotism 3k, and this guide, while not a walkthrough, will offer a nudge in the right direction.


Note: Credit goes to Simon the Thinblood

For this one, all I can say is to play the first campaign a lot, and make all the choices that give modifiers.

RNG is the main factor in how long this will take, but for me, it took about 25 hours.

Enough For Me!

This achievement requires you to not buy any new arms before Day 10.

As best as I’ve been able to determine, this includes any arms you get from random events, so you have to pick options that will not give you new ones.

You should also be wary of options that take arms away.

Happy Farm!

This one requires you to have 30 humans before the end of the Day 2.

Minimum requirement is to have upgraded the storage tube twice, to have room for them all.

Human Bean Soup!

For this one, you need to get to Day 6 without upgrading the power wheel.

Instead, focus on the bioreactor, and dropping puny, exhausted humans into it.

Having the No Country for Weaklings chip helps a lot.

Last Second Save!

This one requires you to save a puny human from dying of exhaustion at the last second.

You may need to try this a couple of times,


Lose the game, without killing a single puny human.

Just let your power run out by making upgrades, and letting your humans sit in storage instead of generating power.


This achievement requires you to get to Day 6, without power dropping below 50%.

Not an easy feat, but if you’ve managed to get the random event that reduces the amount of feeding cycles before a day ends, you’ll have the Small Planet chip, which you will need.

Once you have it, keep a close eye on your power spends when you upgrade, and you should be able to pull it off.


Get to Day 14 without letting a single puny human starve.

Avoid choices that take away food, or reduce food production, if you can help it.

Super Munchkin!

Make all of the choices!

Seriously, you will need to play the first campaign a lot to find all the choices, and RNG will dictate what choices you can make.

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