Destiny 2 – Getting the Recluse

My experience getting the recluse, with tips.

How to Get the Recluse

Note: Credit goes to xKaramb1t

Starting the Quest

  • To start, grab the quest “From the Mouth of Babes” from Shaxx.
  • Complete the glory crucible triumph “The Stuff of Myth”.
  • Basically, win around 100 matches in the normal crucible or 35 matches in competitive crucible, and reach the Fabled 1 rank in competitive crucible (Survival or Survival Freelance). It is 2100 Glory for Fabled 1.
  • After that is done, go to Shaxx and claim your Recluse.

Why the Recluse is Good

There are several reasons why you might want to grind and get the recluse.

  • It is a 900 RPM void energy SMG.
  • It has a range masterwork.
  • It has some of the highest overall stability for an SMG.
  • One of it’s perks, Feeding Frenzy, makes it so kills with the Recluse increase reload speed for a little bit. The rounds also ricochet.
  • The Recluse’s other perk, Master of Arms, makes it so kills with any weapon improve damage significantly for a short while. And to top it with Feeding Frenzy, it demolishes enemies in PvE.
  • Finally, it goes well with other weapons such as the Mountaintop, Militia’s birthright, or other weapons.

Tips on Getting the Recluse

It took me about 14 hours of solo grinding to get the Recluse. 

I had played Crucible a handful of times before starting the quest, but I never played competitively. So, I started off with about 40% wins when starting the quest. It will vary from person to person, depending on how much Crucible you have played before this.

Tip #1. I would not recommend playing solo to get the recluse. I did it because I have no friends, and it was very fun, but also very stressful. I would get stuck around 1900-2000 glory, losing a match than winning than losing, etc. Honestly, I got lucky getting the Recluse solo. 

So, the first tip is to play with friends or a well-coordinated fireteam.

Tip #2. Normal crucible is fine to play, but keep in mind you will have to win around 100 matches. I know a lot of people don’t have time for that, so I would recommend playing Competitive Crucible. Survival is fun, but can be a hassle to play against clans. This is a good strategy to do if you are also doing this with a clan or fireteam. Otherwise, if none of your friends are on, I would 100% recommend playing Survival: Freelance. You cannot queue together with people in Freelance, so you just gotta hope that you have good teammates with mics and the enemy team doesn’t. At least you won’t be getting surrounded by clans as much as normal survival 😛

Tip #3. Know when to stop playing. When you get to a high glory (1800+), you are most likely going to start losing a lot more than winning. It might not seem bad at first, but if you lose more and more matches, you are losing more and more XP. IT WILL ADD UP, so know when to take breaks so you don’t lose a bunch of XP and end up being stuck at Heroic 3.

Tip #4. Getting upset about it isn’t worth it. My desk has taken a lot of beatings while I was attempting to get Recluse, and it was just a lot of stress and anger that built up. Yes. A lot of BS will happen as you are trying to get the Recluse, whether that be shots that should’ve hit but didn’t, people camping with Seventh Seraph CQC-12, or just titan melee abilities, none of it is worth getting upset about. So next time you get 1 tapped from cross map by a hunter with Revoker, a warlock uses daybreak just before he is about to die, or a titan’s Fist of Havoc is lasting WAY TOO LONG, just know that it isn’t worth getting upset about because it will all add up and it just won’t be fun to play anymore. It’s all about having fun and the learning experience.

Tip #5. Now for the recommended supers. For titan, I would use bottom tree Fists of Havoc, Hunter I would use middle tree Nightstalker, and Warlock I would use bottom tree Daybreak.

Weapons You Should Use

To start, I am not going to name any power weapons, because I played Survival freelance while getting the recluse, and I found that I never used my power weapons.

There is 3 kinetic/energy builds I would like to share (from least favorite to most favorite). They made my attempts at getting Recluse a lot easier.

  • Suros Regime (Exotic Auto rifle)
  • Truthteller (Legendary grenade launcher)
  • Revoker (Legendary Sniper Rifle)
  • Gnawing Hunger (Legendary Auto Rifle)
  • Austringer (Legendary Hand Cannon)
  • Beloved (Legendary Sniper Rifle)
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