Destiny 2 – How to Equip the Hammer of Proving

Discover what Destiny 2 wants you to do when it says the Hammer of Proving must be equipped.

How to Equip the Hammer of Proving

The Hammer of Proving is a new item in Destiny 2 and players are wondering just how you’re supposed to equip this thing. The reason why this is cropping up is because of some puzzling wording when inspecting this Cabal weapon in the Quest tab. Let’s take a look at how to equip the Hammer of Proving – and whether this is actually the correct wording (spoiler: it’s not).

As part of the Season of the Chosen campaign, players will receive a quest step that tasks them with collecting Cabal Gold. This part is fairly straightforward, but the confusing wording comes into play when actually looking at the Hammer of Proving.

The hammer says it must be equipped in order to earn Cabal Gold. If it’s in your Quest tab, it’s already equipped!

The Hammer of Proving reads, “The hammer must be equipped to acquire Cabal Gold”. Now, this is nonsense. By simply having the Hammer of Proving, it is already “equipped” in your Quest tab. There is no need to put it in a Heavy slot, consume it in your Inventory, or some other method of equipping it. The wording is entirely wrong. Don’t worry though, this caused a lot of us to go, “Wait, what?”

By merely acquiring the Hammer of Proving from the campaign, you have it equipped. All you need to do now is start collecting Cabal Gold and slotting in medallions so you can smash Tribute Chests and prove yourself worthy of taking on Empress Caiatl. If you’re struggling with these two other steps, definitely check out the guides so you can stop puzzling and get back to earning gear.

Now that you’ve sorted out “equipping” the Hammer of Proving, you can get back to unlocking upgrades to the hammer and learning more about what lies ahead in Season of the Chosen. Remember there’s also a new Title to unlock by completing Triumphs as well as an Aspect for your Stasis subclass.

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