Destiny 2 – How to Get Every Secret Cosmetic (Easy / 100% Free)

How to Get Every Secret Cosmetic

Ghost Shells

Zeroneiro Shell (Season of the Splicer)

  • Requirements: Complete the mission “Expunge: Delphi” without dying. This can be done with a team, your team mates can die, but you can not.
  • Tips: Play warlock, lol. (This one isn’t super hard, just remember to play cover during the boss fight.)

Shell of Gilgamesh (Season of the Chosen)

  • Requirements: On the mission “Exotic Quest: Presage,” find all 15 scannable items (These are not the smuggler cache chests that are opened through side panels, and only 1 scannable can be found each week).
  • Tips: Watch the video, that’s about it.

No Love Lost (Beyond Light)

  • Requirements: In the “Deep Stone Crypt” raid, find all of the Exo Stranger’s tapes.
  • Tips: Watch the video, and have a good team to raid with, I guess.


Retrocausality (Beyond Light)

  • Requirements: In the “Deep Stone Crypt” raid, complete the intro section while using only pikes to get to the ending heat bubble, for the triumph to be marked as complete, there must be 6 pikes in the final heat bubble. You need a full team for this, doing it solo does not count.
  • Tips: The pikes DO respawn if blown up, but can still be lost out in the middle of nowhere, in which case they will not respawn.

Harbinger’s Echo (Forsaken)

  • Requirements: In the Dreaming City, “Last Wish” Raid and “Shattered Throne” dungeon, break all 40 corrupted eggs using the “Wish-Ender” bow. (You may have to log out and back into the game for the sparrow to appear in collections.) This will take multiple weeks because some eggs rotate in and out depending on the current “Ascendant Challenge.”

Ships (Season of the Splicer)

This ship is currently unreleased, it will be released with the memorial event on august 16th, read at your own discretion.

The Fourth Mark (Season of the Hunt)

  • Requirements: Random drop from completing the mission “Coup De Grace” in the Dreaming City
  • Tips: You can get up to three chances for this drop a week using multiple characters

Radiant Accipiter (Season of the Hunt)

  • Requirements: Harbinger must be completed on the character you are attempting this on. Once completed, head to crow and pick up the “Bird of Prey” quest. Load into Harbinger and collect feathers as you go through the mission. It’ll take a few weeks but once enough feathers have been collected, you will be able to head to the abandoned ship and you will receive your prize after a few lines of dialogue.
  • Tips: Have a team to do Harbinger week each week or use LFG, it is not an easy mission to solo.


Stream of Light (Twitch.TV)

  • Requirements: Some Destiny 2 streamers have “Twitch Bounties” that you can complete on their stream. It’s usually just gifting subs and/or subscribing yourself, something along those lines, so you will have to spend money to get this one.
  • Tips: Not much I can say here, the bounties will also give you a decent shader alongside this emblem.

The Visionary (Free to Play)

  • Requirements: Really simple, head to and punch in this code: XFV-KHP-N97

Cryonautics (Free to Play)

  • Requirements: Head to and punch in the code: RA9-XPH-6KJ

Future in Shadow (Free to Play)

  • Requirements: Head to and punch in the code: 7LV-GTK-T7J

Galilean Excursion (Free to Play)

  • Requirements: Head to and punch in the code: JYN-JAA-Y7D

Sequence Flourish (Free to Play)

  • Requirements: Head to and punch in the code: 7D4-PKR-MD7

Thanks for reading this guide, I hope I helped you find something you didn’t know about before, and I wish you the best of luck chasing down whatever you’ve found. Have a great day, and eyes up Guardian!

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