Destiny 2 – How to Make All-Arc Spire of the Watcher Easy

I have every triumph for the Spire of the Watcher title except for solo, and have been playing since the beta, so I think I know what I am talking about.

Guide to Make All-Arc Spire of the Watcher Easy

What Class?

Depending on your playstyle, the class can vary. But, with Arc 3.0 combining it with Assassin’s Cowl, Hunter will work just fine and has been used for Solo-Flawless. If you can do it right, you can also use Thundercrash Titan, but I do not recommend using Warlock since the cooldowns are incredibly lengthy and are weaker compared to the others.


Our melee ability, Combination Blow, will increase our damage with each melee kill. Each melee kill also fully refills our class ability energy, and restores a small amount of health just to make sure we can stay alive for that much longer.

Gambler’s Dodge will recharge our melee ability when we’re near enemies, so pairing this with Combination Blow makes our melee ability endless if used correctly.

For a grenade, whatever you choose works, but Storm Grenade is still a decent choice since it’s raining down thunder on an area for easy adclear.

Gathering Storm, our super, will jolt nearby enemies when we embed it into large targets or surfaces. This jolt effect is very important and you will see why later. It will also function as great adclear if it is near a horde of enemies, since it discharges lightning at nearby foes when it overcharges after a short time.


For Aspect #1, we will use Lethal Current. Lethal Current increases the lunge range for our next melee attack after a dodge, and that same melee attack will also have a jolt effect, giving it an aftershock.

Flowstate, our second aspect, is how we gain amplification. Defeating a jolted target gives us amplification, which pairs perfectly with Lethal Current since a melee attack jolts the target. Most lower level enemies will be one hit melees, so merely getting a melee off on a low-level enemy will give us amplification.

Pairing our abilities and aspects together makes our melee very, very powerful. You hit an ad with your melee attack and kill them, dodge near some more ads to make your melee ability come back, and then melee some more targets to do increasingly high damage to the ads with jolt and the aftershock.


For the fragments, we are running:

  • Spark of Feedback.
  • Spark of Resistance.
  • Spark of Recharge.
  • Spark of Amplitude.

Resistance and Amplitude are VERY important for this build, because we’re in the heat of battle, so Spark of Resistance will give us decreased damage intake, allowing us to stay alive longer. Spark of Amplitude will give us orbs of power when we defeat targets while amplified (see Aspects).

Feedback and Recharge are flexible slots, as they are not essential but are still pretty nice to have. Taking melee damage from an enemy will also increase your melee damage output, and since you’re looking to melee ads, it’s pretty handy. Spark of Recharge will regenerate our melee and grenade energy whenever we are near death so that we don’t, you know, die.

You could replace Feedback and Recharge with Magnitude and Shock if you are looking to use grenades more than your melee, but since it’s a melee-focused build, we went with Feedback and Recharge.

Wastelander M5, My Beloved

If the enemy doesn’t die outright to a melee attack, Wastelander with One-Two Punch will increase our melee damage by 200% for a short time if we land all our pellets on the enemy. It also gives a 350% boost on bosses, but you won’t be doing much sustained DPS since this build is for all-Arc and you won’t have a Well of Radiance to keep you alive. This build will still work great outside of Spire of the Watcher if you have a Well of Radiance at a boss.

Assassin’s Cowl

Assassin’s Cowl gives us invisibility and health/shield restoration when we get a powered melee final blow. Finishers & final blows against more powerful enemies increases the duration of your invisibility and the amount of health/shield restored.

Armor Mods

For our stats, we are going for 100 resilience, 100 mobility, and 100 discipline to recharge our grenades and class ability as fast as possible. The 40% reduction we get from 100 resilience comes in very handy with supplicants.

On our Assassin’s Cowl, we will have Powerful Friends, which will grant nearby allies CWL when you become charged with light. It also gives us 20 mobility. We will also use a shotgun ammo finder to help us with getting more ammo for our one-two punch shotgun.

On our arc-afinity arms, we use well of Ions which will give us a 30% increased damage boost when we pick up an elemental well. Our other mods will be for champions if you’re running it on master like a psychopath or for whatever mod you choose.

Our void-afinity chest armor has melee damage resistance for increased survivability against enemies close to you, but it can be swapped for Concussive resistance for the supplicants. Melee Wellmaker spawns an Arc elemental well when we get a powered melee final blow which will stack with our other elemental well mods.

The arc leg armor, we will have Elemental Charge that will give us Charged with Light stacks every time we pick up an Arc elemental well.

Our Arc cloak will have Striking Light as our charged with light pay-off mod. Defeating combatants with melee damage when charged with light will spawn orbs of light for our allies and consume a stack of CWL. It will also give us 25% damage resistance while sprinting.


All in all, there is probably another build out there for all Arc that will work just fine, but this is one I used for the triumph. If there are any changes or questions you have for this guide, please leave a comment and I will try to respond as soon as possible, or someone else will if I forget about it. Have fun running Spire of the Watcher again, and again, and again!


I basically get this from Dorvarich. While his was for general content, this was altered slightly to fit Spire of the Watcher. Credit to him for this amazing build.

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