Destiny 2 – Lament Guide

Read the guide to get your hands on to the new exo “Lament”.

Quest Steps

  1. Find and scan three dead exo´s.
  2. Search the giant exo head at the Clovis Bray Creation area.
  3. Use a sword to get 100 final blows on Vex and 20 on Hydras, Cyclops and Minotaurs.
  4. Complete an exo challenge. (Speak to Variks to unlock the activity).
  5. Use finishers on Vex on Europa.
  6. Find a blade piece. Load the new Glassway Strike, at the boss encounter will a yellow bar harpie spawn, kill it and pick up the piece.
  7. Load the tower and speak to Banshee, clear the bunker lost sector in Eventide Ruins.
  8. Play the Mission “Reforging the Past”.


Banshee’s Wail:

Hold c to rev the blade:

  • Increases damage, shield bypass, and adds [Shield-Piercing] shield piercing to all attacks
  • Gain stacks when dealing damage with revved attacks
  • Additional stacks increase the damage and damage resistance of heavy attacks

Jagged Edge:

  • Increased damage at the cost of sword ammo

Enduring Guard:

  • Sword Guard has maximized efficiency and high endurance, but low resistance

Tireless Blade:

  • Sword ammo granted for every other powered sword kill

Revved Consumption:

  • Damaging a combatant heals the wielder

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