Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Prismatic Warlock Build Guide

Prismatic Warlock Build (Fully Unlocked)


After fully unlocking Prismatic Warlock you are given a hefty amount of choices and combinations right out the door. For those Strand Threadling lovers this build is for you. The idea of this build is to constantly dish out as many threadlings as possible using a combination of armor mods, aspects, fragments, and artifact mods.

This build will utilize devour and heavy darkness damage. Travelers Chosen and Final Warning are great picks for this build and a light damage weapon for added security. This build will mainly focus on two things:

  • Devour
  • Threadling Grenades

The goal of Prismatic is to fill two meters as fast as possible to become Transcendent. This build will focus on dealing dark damage with your abilities and light damage with your weapons.

To help you have a better understanding about this build I’d like to take you through a play-by-play of each ability that we will be using on Prismatic alongside fragments, aspects, artifact mods, armor mods, weapon combos, and exotic class item combinations.



Needlestorm is the first pick we chose for the core of our build. To explain why it’s being chosen is because Needlestorm acts as additional Darkness Transcendent meter charge, decent AD clear, great boss DPS, and favors fragments such as Facet of Grace and Facet of Purpose.


Threadling Grenade

Threadling grenades will be our focal point of this build. This grenade provides solid ad clear, creates tangles, additional Darkness Transcendent meter charge, and if there are no enemies around then we will gain Perched Threadlings.

Class Ability

Healing Rift

Unless we see a significant change in empowering rift then we will opt for more survivability by choosing healing rift. Phoenix dive is also an option and solely up to you. I believe healing rift will be more beneficial in this build to maintain survivability.

Powered Melee

Arcane Needle

Arcane Needle is a great melee choice for distancing and survivability. Its range helps us hit targets a bit farther away without having to make risky decisions. It also provides additional Darkness Transcendent meter charge too. Arcane Needle also benefits fragments like Facet of Balance and Facet of Bravery. Arcane Needle also generates Tangles which will pair nicely with our artifact mods. (More of that in the artifact mods section below)


Feed the Void and Weavers Call

Feed the Void opens up a door to allow us to use Devour which is another core part of this build in helping us generate more Threadlings by allowing us to regain 7.5% grenade energy upon defeating a target. It also gives us some more survivability by granting 50% HP and shield recovery on kill. Weavers Call generates 3 threadlings upon activating your class ability while also deploying any Threadlings you have Perched.

To add onto that, Bungie has added a new behavior which allows us to generate additional Threadlings by defeating a target with Strand damage which grants us a chance to generate a Perched Threadling, with a higher chance of generation from defeating more powerful targets. This also includes other Threadlings. The new behavior allows us to generate Threadlings outside of Threadling Grenades which is beneficial for this build and allows us to have better ad clear and additional Darkness Transcendent meter charge.

Fragment Choices

Facet of Balance: I chose Facet of Balance to solely focus on regaining grenade energy through darkness damage rapid final blows. Rapid Light damage final blows grant more energy towards arcane needle which will help us proc unraveling rounds on our strand weapons

Facet of Bravery: This fragment is a great choice because defeating enemies with arcane needle will proc unraveling rounds on our strand weapons. This fragment also opens up a door which allows us to use volatile rounds if we choose a void secondary.

Facet of Generosity: Creating Orbs is beneficial to some of the armor mods that we will be using. This fragment will allow us to use Facet of Purpose more often. These last two fragment choices can be flex. You could switch out Generosity with Facet of Grace.

Facet of Purpose: Because we have Needlestorm equipped this fragment will grant us Woven Mail upon picking up an orb which adds a layer of survivability. You could switch this out with Facet of Hope if you want to keep proccing Weavers Call and creating additional Threadlings

Facet of Grace: This fragment grants us additional transcendent energy upon damaging enemies with our kinetic weapons. Killing enemies with our super grants us additional Transcendent energy to us and our allies. Which will help us use Transcendence more often.


We will start with our exotic. We will be using the new exotic class item for Warlock. It allows us to use two existing exotic traits and combine them into one! Our exotic trait combo of choice will be Spirit of Osmiomancy and Spirit of Verity’s. We chose these two traits because Osmiomancy will grant us grenade energy on hits which will be guaranteed because of the threadlings. We also chose Verity’s because weapon final blows with a damage type matching your grenade grant a stacking grenade damage bonus. These two traits will be our haymakers to our grenades in this build. This allows us to keep a constant flow of dark damage which will provide additional Darkness Transcendent meter charge.

As for the rest of your armor, it doesn’t necessarily matter, but the stats do. You want 100 Resilience no matter what and 100 Discipline for improved grenade regeneration followed by 100 recovery if possible.

Armor Mods:

  • Head: Ashes To Assets, Dynamo, Strand Siphon
  • Hands: Momentum Transfer, Bolstering Detonation, Grenade Kickstart
  • Chest: Flex
  • Legs: Absolution, Innervation, Recuperation
  • Exotic Class Item: Bomber, Powerful Attraction, Reaper

Weapon Choice

This section is up to you! If you have a preference then definitely pursue it. These are recommended options that will be the most effective.

Kinetic/Primary Slot:

  • Outbreak Perfected (Crafted).

Elemental Slot:

  • Indebted Kindness.

Power Weapon Slot:

  • Edge Transit/Apex Predator/Cataclysmic.

I hope you found this useful!

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