Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Surge of the Lightning God Build

Prismatic Warlock Build Guide

Ever thought about how useless Lightning Surge aspect is for prismatic warlock? Well think again, buddy.

  • Exotic Class Item Required: Spirit of Inmost + Spirit of Synthoceps

Now I know, who would’ve thunk we could run a titan build on warlock and it’d be fun? Not I, that’s for sure. But this build is pretty damn fun.

Subclass: Prismatic


  • Nova Bomb/Song of Flame
  • Phoenix Dive (or healing rift if you prefer that)
  • Storm Grenade
  • Arcane Needle
  • Whatever jump you like


  • Feed the Void
  • Lightning Surge


  • Sacrifice
  • Balance
  • Protection
  • Dominance
  • Awakening


Not required, just what I’m using.

  • Kinetic: Disparity (Pugilist, Headstone)
  • Energy: Indebted Kindness (Loose Change, Voltshot)
  • Heavy: Microcosm / Thunderlord / Dragons Breath depending on content

Weapon Notes: A darkness type kinetic slot weapon is gonna be heavily recommended over a kinetic type since this specific setup is slow on the darkness transcendence building unless using a darkness weapon. Bonus points if you have Pugilist for more melee regen. And Disparity is the only darkness pulse rifle I have at the moment.


  • Stat Spread: Resil > Disc > Recov > Str

Armor Mods:

  • Head: Arc Siphon, Hands-on
  • Arms: Heavy Handed, 2x Momentum Transfer (if you have room you can do 2x Heavy Handed, 1x Momentum Transfer)
  • Chest: Resistances
  • Legs: 2x Heavy Weapon Matching Surges, Invigoration
  • Bond: Powerful Attraction, Time Dilation, Outreach (can switch Powerful Attraction out for Reaper if you have room)

Gameplay Loop:

The loop is pretty simple, Lightning Surge whenever its up in groups of enemies. Storm Grenade and Indebted Kindness multikills will give you melee energy (Facet of Balance) or you can use the Pugilist Darkness type weapon for melee energy if you also need darkness transcendence along with it. Super + Microcosm for melting bosses.

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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  1. you could go with The Call and use it as your primary to build more darkness transcendence, maybe using micro and a 12p shotty like the ikelos sg, don’t know if 12p actually buffs slide melees tho so i’d give it a little testing
    if 12p does work you could also use swordbreaker instead with kindness as your primary even if it uses special ammo
    that would build darkness energy while buffing your melee which provides the light energy

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