Destiny or Fate – Preventive Measure against 0HP / Corrupted Save Bugs

How to Not Losing Your Progress

I was the victim of a bug in which when loading the game I am tracked with 0HP, and it is funny that this leads you to a gameover with no chance of returning. We will “solve” this in a “simple” way by creating a backup of salvos.

1-Find the game saves:

Parking is at (or something like that):

  • C: \ Win8.1 \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Blasters \ DOF] \ SaveData

Note: If you have difficulty finding the directory you can use the free (and very good) search engine called Everything. And in the search bar, type SaveData.

2-Create at least one folder inside the SaveData folder.

  • Create a folder to save your saves (I created two -backupOld and backupNew- one for old and recent saves)
  • Copy the files and paste in there (in case of a bug just copy them back to the main SaveData folder)

3-Leave the folder open when playing and always keep your backups (a bit annoying but safe for a bug that will hardly be fixed – they say that the developers abandoned the game).

Tip: Create a shortcut to the SaveData folder on your desktop.

Play without fear of losing your progress!

Created by Guicapel

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