Destroy All Humans! – How to Get into The Lab without Being Detected in Mutant Menace

If you want to get the Mandatory Option achievement but The Mutant Menace “Get into the lab without getting detected” is stopping you because everytime you blow up a tesla thing you get detected, here’s a cheap but easy way to complete this optional objective.

How to Get into The Lab without Being Detected in Mutant Menace

Note: Credit goes to Tom

Destroying the Tesla Cannon things, idk what they’re called

Go around the fence and shoot each control panel with the disintegrator ray, you being behind the stone fence stops the soldiers from noticing you and making you fail the optional objection, you might want to have S.K.A.T.E. because the Cannons are pretty spread out so walking would take long.

Going into the lab

This is easy, just holobob a human then enter the lab. Hope this helps you.

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