Destroy All Humans! – Robo Prez / Silhouette Guide


First I just wanna say I’m not the best at explaining so I’m going to do my absolute best to make this easy.

Also – I won’t go into detail about every nook and cranny about these fights just what you need to know for the most part, the rest is up to you to just use common sense like avoid anything they are spitting out because it’s obviously gonna hurt.

Robo Prez

This fight might be a little overwhelming but it’s actually quite easy.

Phase 1-3: The fight doesn’t really bring anything special (at least to my knowledge.. maybe I just beat him too quickly) – All you need to do is focus fire on his weak spot in the chest and avoid his projectiles. You can easily do this with the Sonic Boom weapon w/ the Bada Booms upgrade if you’re not confident in maneuvering.

In the 3rd phase he will pause for a brief moment and charge a laser (This is a big tell btw for you to move out of the way) – He will shoot it down, up, and to his left so it is very easy to avoid.


Not necessary but it could save your life – It would be a good idea to go to the sides and destroy the turrets ahead of time!

  1. To easily destroy her shield and not waste ammo, use the Anal Probe – This is much easier if you have the Butt Pressure Amplifier, Butt Pressure Maximizer, and the Rectal Packager Supreme upgrades – (You can also easily knock her out of the air this way as well for the star)
  2. While she is stunned, if you have the Proton Prontonizer and Tri-Fusion Chambers upgrades on your Disintegrator Ray you’re going to have a walk in the park, get up in her face so that all 3 shots hit and just go to town and go through the phases.


Note: I’m not entirely sure when it happens, I think it’s when you get too far from her, but she will shoot purple homing bullets that will take away your entire shield making you 1 hit so make sure you keep an eye out!

Phase 1: Goes by pretty quickly, just avoid her gunfire.. Once you destroy her 1st bar she will start flipping and go to the back right (You can also just follow where she goes if you don’t want to be there before her)

Phase 2-3: She will start to recharge her HP for phase 2 but you can stop this if you destroy the purple rod, the faster you destroy it the less HP she will have in the phase. I highly suggest you hide behind it while you destroy it because she will absolutely destroy you if you’re not careful.

Note: She starts spitting bullets like crazy in the 2nd and 3rd phase. She will do a “bullet dance” and start spinning while spitting bullets everywhere around her – I suggest using your jetpack to hover over her head since she will not be able to hit you.

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