Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – How to Get the Best Ending

Best Ending

The final round of the London game brings Adam Jensen with a terrifying choice:

He can track down the terrorist commander Marchenko and prevent the explosives that his group was planting in nearby buildings and save the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

Or Adam could have saved important political leaders who have the power to prevent and stop existing policies against mechanical people. People whose drinks are poisoned and their deaths make another part of Marchenko’s plan a success. Innocent people will be killed by the Marchenko bombs, but thousands of mechanical people will be protected from further discrimination and harassment.

The game is clever here, giving you “either this or that” choices, but if you’re quick, you can actually do both and get the best end of the game. .

When you gain control of Adam after finding the wounded Miller commander, the game gives you a chance to rescue him with the Orchid Sam’s Antidote (talk to him again), Of course, if you chose Bank Stage instead of going to Allison in the earlier stages of the game. This will not only save his life, but will also affect your next move.

If you are going to go to Marcenko first:

You have 10 minutes to stop Marcenko from taking control of Adam. If you waste a lot of time, Marchenko will blow up the bomb and kill innocent people. If you opted to go to Ellison instead of following the bank adventure in your second visit to Prague, then you will end up with the mission of the bomb signal deterrent that you can buy more time for by activating it. (Activating this device will be available as an option in dialogs with Marcenko)

To reach Marchenko follow the specified route as quickly as possible. You will find him in the main hall of the place. All of his surroundings are equipped with various traps and we can see machine guns, lasers, drones, mines and, of course, Marcenko himself. The person whose body is most mechanical is not easily destroyed.

Keep in mind that if you pursue the game without violence, you can anesthetize and defeat Marcenko without having to kill. To do this, I recommend quickly disabling his various traps, especially machine guns and reconnaissance drones. Keep in mind that if you go through this tool, Marcenko will get to you quickly and you should seek out nearby air channels or other features until he loses you again. Then go through the above mentioned channels to the top of the hall and anesthetize the game using the anesthetic weapon. At first he is just confused and returns to normal after a while, but if the process is repeated, he will eventually be completely overthrown. Another way is to use all of the game’s anti-mechanical tools like grenades and EMP ammunition, confusing weapons, tesla capability and the like. Follow this process until she becomes confused and then anesthetize her using techniques.

If you are going to kill Marcenko, you can complete the whole process of fighting this last giant with a special item in seconds. This item is nothing more than his Kill Switch which you can easily kill by pressing it. This key can be found in a room with a single guard and a computer just before Miller is found. This item is in a box of weapons under a table that several sports bags have hidden from view.

Keep in mind that timing and speed are the most important element. If you fight this long, until you can reach the Convention Center and save the delegates from the danger of poisoning, you’ll be exposed to their bodies after drinking wine. To prevent this from happening, follow these steps:

If you are going to rescue delegates first:

Politicians are getting to know each other and talking, so they will not start drinking toxic wines immediately. Approximately 10 minutes from the time you come to their aid, agents will begin drinking wine.

Like Marchenko and his bombs, we have a special item here. If you follow Bank Stage instead of rescuing John Ellison in your second visit to Prague, you will have Sam Orchid’s antidote. After 10 minutes the delegates are poisoned but not killed, so you have the opportunity to save them all with an antidote. Keep in mind, however, that after the poisoning, the delegates are only a few minutes longer and will be killed if you take too long. So again, I note that timing and speed of operation are crucial.

Another point is that if you act fast enough, Adam will come in before drinking wine and save the delegates with no need for antidote. This way you can get the best results and get the best Deus Ex Mankind Divided finish.

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