Diablo 4 – Stagger Functionality (How to Turn a Boss into a Training Dummy)

Stagger Guide

By Avarilyn.

Welcome to a quick featured Stagger Guide!

Each CC type has a set stagger amount based on the CC duration. If you apply the same CC multiple times in a short time, it has reduced stagger effectiveness compared to using multiple types of CC. The total stagger for each CC type can be seen in the image below.

Bosses have a total of 200 stagger HP. That means 23 ranks of Crippling Darkness (23 second stun) would generate a total of:

7.652 x 23 = 175.996 Stagger

This means that you would almost instantly stagger the boss when you trigger Crippling Darkness.

Each time the boss is staggered, there is a multiplier applied to your stagger damage to artificially make it take longer for the next stagger.

  • Stagger 0: 100% of usual stagger
  • Stagger 1: 80% of usual stagger
  • Stagger 2: 60% of usual stagger
  • Stagger 3 onwards: 10% of usual stagger

That means for Stagger 3 and onwards, the boss takes 10 times as long to stagger as it did for the first stagger.

CC duration on gear also proves to be completely additive and not multiplicative of any sort. The test used Smoke Bomb, which has 20.4 Stagger Damage without CC increase, and adding Exploiter, Smiting and CC Duration on gear, it ended up being:

20.4 x (1+0.12+0.173+0.4+0.2) = 38.5968

In game, this value was shown as 38.59, so likely minor rounding errors.

From quick testing, elites seem to become unstoppable after roughly 5-6 seconds of hard CC (used 12 second Daze, and they kept breaking out roughly half way through). This unstoppable lasts for 8 seconds.

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  1. Do all bosses have the same stagger threshold? like a dungeon boss and uber lilith both take the same amount of CC to stagger?

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