Dicey Dungeons – Limerick Strategy Guide

There once was a game about dice
Its Warrior gives this advice:
Just bash with your shield
And all foes will yield
Unless someone hits you with ice.

Spoilers for Characters 2-5

For Thief, though, we’ve more to discuss
Most upgrades are not worth the fuss
Unless you’re a star
And can pull off Crowbar
You’d better pick up Dagger+.

The Robot‘s a bit like a mage
He increases power with age
That Mechanical Arm
Does copious harm
Once you get to the last stage.

Another slight Robot mistake
Is squandering your limit break.
With one-sixth probability
You’ll roll that ability
And still carry over your stake.

Inventor thinks one step ahead.
Which gadget will make that foe dead?
In the previous fight,
Bring something that might
Turn into the gadget you said.

An early-game tip for the Witch:
Infliction can hurt like a ♥
So make it prepared
No foes will be spared
Then swap when you have spells to switch.

If you have a spell with two dice
Prepare it to save you the price
Of bringing it out
But also, no doubt,
Reroll spells and dice-tweaks are nice.

Spoilers for Character 6 & Secret Character

With Jester, I like to delete.
A deck slim and strong can’t be beat.
So copy the best
And ditch all the rest
And you’ll be immune to defeat.

For Bear, use Bear Maul and Bear Smash,
Bear Maul and Bear Maul and Bear Smash
Bear Smash and Bear Roar
Bear Smash and Bear Roar
Bear Charge and Bear Maul and Bear Smash!

General Strategy Tips

Next, general recommendations
With far-reaching, wide applications.
Regardless of class
These may save your ♥
So build on these solid foundations.

A useful trick in which to revel
If you’re almost at your next level:
Continue to spar
Fill your limit bar
Don’t mind that it hurts like the devil.

Sometimes your foe is outmatched
And you could just triumph unscratched
But if you can heal
More than damage they deal
Heal up, and go forth fully patched.

Statistics can keep you alive
The average roll is 3.5
So reroll that 3
On average, you’ll be
More likely to increase than dive.

Elemental equipment: I’ll speak to it.
Freeze/shock rock, though there’s some technique to it.
But if you aspire
To win, don’t pick fire.
It’s only good if foes are weak to it.

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