Dinkum – How to Catch Fish!

A guide Explaining how to catch Fish!

How to Fish!

Hello everyone and welcome to this Dinkum Guide about how to fish in the game, catch lobsters, crabs etc & about the dangers of fishing alone.

Now lets get into the guide, how does fishing work, ones you have obtained the before mention Fishing licence from Fletch you can go to john’s tent or shop and buy the fishing rod.

Then just go to the nearest water source and look for fish, cast your line a little bit by just left clicking, or hold leftclick to ”charge” and throw it further into the water.

Then when you cast it close to a fish they might swim towards it, first they will nibble a bit but when you see & heard this water splashing then you left-click to start the mini-game, at first dont do anything, when the fish is swimming & splashing away do NOT reel in or you will lose the fish, instead, wait for the fish to calm down and start reeling in when the splashing stops.

If it starts swimming away again STOP reeling in again and repeat the last steps until you have caught it!

Now you may also see some lobsters or other creatures on the bottom of the rivers for example, jump into the water, press E to DIVE, and swim to the creature. then press rightclick to pick it up, it is that simple really.

However, during any of this be careful for Crocodils & Sharks, Crocodils can get on land so those are more dangerous, for the sharks… just make sure you only walk on shallow water or on land, DONT go into the deep water and swim!

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