Dinkum – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • Drop seeds on the ground, dig up the earth beneath them, then replace the earth back onto it. It’s only a couple of seconds faster than digging first, but it speeds up the process exponentially when you have dozens of trees to plant.
  • You can turn any type of terrain into another type by dumping a shovelful of the terrain you want onto a block, then digging it back up.
  • Every animal in the game telegraphs its attacks. Crocos pause to gape their maw before trying to bite. Wary Mus dip their heads down before charging. They’re often vulnerable for a few seconds after their attacks as well. Take advantage of those gaps to get a few good hits in. Chipping away will always beat going in spears blazing.
  • Pay attention to food buffs. Apples will be of little use to you
  • Eat/drink your buffed items BEFORE stepping down into the mines.
  • Just like in Animal Crossing – You can maximize the use of an item by using up around 98% of its durability before upgrading it to the next level.
  • Don’t bother getting a repair table until most, if not all, of your tools are upgraded to Iron and you have the dink to burn. There’s no point in spending all that dink and resources to maintain tools/weapons you can easily replace. By mid-game, iron is fairly plentiful so you may not even feel the need to buy kits then. I feel that this will change in the future, so if you really want to buy the table, go ahead.
  • The camera can be purchased from Theodore (the museum cutie) after donating a few bugs and fish to the museum. I don’t know what the exact numbers are, but for me it took around 5 fish and 3 bugs. YMMV.
  • I don’t advise making a hammer your primary weapon for solo play as it’s way too slow and swinging it around it leaves you quite vulnerable mid-battle. Instead, use the best spear you can craft. However, in multiplayer, bosses can be put down in a few minutes with at least one player with a spear and one with a hammer. Those stuns are killer.
  • Hang on to a few articles of clothing you don’t want, even if it’s not your style, just in case a townie asks to trade with you.
  • If you have the space for it, placing a few common bugs and fish outside can save you a lot of time when a townie inevitably asks you to go collect one for them.
  • If your bug-catching is too low to know how to craft beehives, don’t let that stop you from collecting bees and queen bees anyway. Just keep them outside for later use.
  • Keep a storage box outside of your mines to stash cooked food, brews, keys, and other useful items in. You can also use it as a cubby to store items you don’t need underground. You’ll also be less likely to forget crucial items like your torch or keys if you keep them in one place.
  • IIRC (as in, this might not be true, so take it with a grain of salt) Crops need to be fenced in, or else they can be disturbed by wildlife.
  • Be careful when using stamina… even when youa re full it still depleets but slower… however… if it is empty and you are still full, you are screwed…
  • If you need meat but cant kill anything at the start of the game, go to where dingos and kangaroos are and let the dingo kill the roo and free meat (and bones)
  • Grab every single shell you see! (Great money or whatever its called)
  • Always do the dailies (there may sometimes be one or two you cant complete due to resources/stage of game – this is silly and should be re-coded… because once it told me to build a cooking bench on day one (100% impossible) … However… Even if you have one you cant complete and two you can (or even 2 you cant and one you can) still complete the ones you can do, because they all pay you PER daily… Not total. Grab every loose item you see!
  • You can catch sharks with copper fishing rod! If you reel them in on land, they become stunned and have to hop back out to sea, making it a breeze to kill sharks.
  • Daily Tip: The treasure chests in the deep-mines can actually be picked up once they are emptied out. it doesn’t show a tooltip for doing so but the pick-up button works (triangle on ps4 controller, not sure on keyboard but its the same button for picking up fences).
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