DiRT 3 – Save File for Super Star Achievement


Before installing the save file, you must have a second profile created in the game. If you already do have one, backup the files in %steamRoot% / userdata / %userID% / 321040 / remote. Their names start with “savegame@profile1#”, because they will all be overwritten.


The save file (Google Drive).

Extract the archive in the following directory: %steamRoot% / userdata / %userID% / 321040 / remote

  • %steamRoot% default is C: / Program Files (x86) / Steam (for Windows)
  • %userID% is the ID of your Steam account for Steam Cloud. Be cautious if you have accessed more than one Steam account on one PC, there may be several directories with different IDs.

Run the game, enter multiplayer, end a race and then your level should increase to 35 in no time.


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