Divinity: Original Sin 2 – How to Win Any Combat Encounter Ever

Win any combat encounter guaranteed or your money back guaranteed. (Actually true, follow these easy steps to beat anything).

What You Will Need

Note: Credit goes to Supercalifragilistic

Combat encounter too difficult? Don’t worry. Did you know that you can win any combat encounter* in just a few easy steps, provided you have the patience?

*There’s a handful of scripted encounters that can’t be won, so yeah not those obviously.

Things you will need to make this work:

  • At the very least two party members
  • Survivability for at least one turn
  • Escapist trait on at least two of your party members
  • Lots of patience

Things that will make your work quicker and easier:

  • Invisibility for easy survivability
  • Combining the above with high wits/initiative
  • Teleporter pyramids
  • Some high damage Source spells memorised
  • A teleporting ability, so that you can throw all enemies onto one big funpile. (Like the teleporting gloves)

How to Beat Anything

If you have what you need by following the previous section, the rest should be easy.

  1. Enter combat with whatever you need killed.
  2. Delay your turn (Or if all your party members have an invisibility ability, use that first, go to your next turn and then delay).
  3. Damage enemies as much as you can with your first in line party member, but make sure to leave at least one action point.
  4. With your final action point, flee the combat encounter.
  5. Heal that character up, have its cooldowns reset, then have it go back into that same encounter.
  6. Now damage enemies with your second party member, have it flee the encounter and then return to it.

Presto, it is now your turn forever. Repeat until enemies are dead. Enjoy the easy life, beat that honour mode. Use your new godly powers any way you see fit.

Special Cases

This is spoiler territory, you have been warned!!!

There are a couple of very specific encounters where you can’t flee. One is just after Fort Joy, during the attack on the Lady Vengeance and the other notable one is all the way at the end of the game.

The attack on the Lady Vengeance can actually be played out with an eternal turn as well, even triggering the end sequence by hurting Dallis or her goonie too much. For this specific encounter, you need to abuse the stairs to get you below deck (as this will actually get a player out of combat).

The final fight though is a ♥ as far as I can tell. Teleporter pyramids don’t work there either. Just go gluck gluck on some tea if you remembered to get some. (Arx has a fun teapot somewhere where you can make some OP tea.)

There’s also two fights where you can’t kill certain characters. These are Dallis and Alexander at the gate of Fort Joy (but “murdering” them lands you a sweet achievement). Then there is also the Kraken in Arx. Again, “killing” him also gives you a nice achievement.

Also, whatever you do, do not kill Malady. Just don’t. It will break game progression. You have been warned.

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