Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! – 100% Full Achievement Guide!

I’ll be showing you how to unlock each and every achievement in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus with as much precision as possible! This guide does in fact contain spoilers so… You have been warned!

Main Achievements

These are Achievements related to the main game.

Start a New Game – Make it to Act 2 in the Main Story!

Buy my mixtape – Listen to the Soundtrack in the “Desktop” for at least 20 minutes!

Error – Change the wallpaper of the “Desktop” in-game from the “Pictures” menu.

Good feature – Keep making boxes with your mouse on the “Desktop” like you would in any regular computer!

No – While viewing the in-game menu, (NOT the “Desktop”) click “Exit DDLC” then click “No”.

Stonks – Open the file “Project plan.txt” in the “Files” section of the “Desktop” at files/internal/2/2/1 and have your time set to 2:40.

Friendship and Literature – Complete every single Side Story! In order to unlock all of ’em in the first place, you need to explore the main game and complete Acts favoring each girl individually!

Breakthrough – Achieve 100% data collection. Basically unlock all pictures after completing EVERYTHING in the game, this includes Side Stories, Main game endings, Acts etc.

Poem Achievements

These are Achievements you get related to poems.

Perfect! Sayori – Get a full 20 word combo in the Poem Writing session for words relating to Sayori.

Perfect! Natsuki – Get a full 20 word combo in the Poem Writing session for words relating to Natsuki.

Perfect! Yuri – Get a full 20 word combo in the Poem Writing session for words relating to Yuri.

Perfect! Monika – Get a full 20 word combo for Monika… later in the game.

Any% WR attempts – Finish a Poem Writing session in less than 20 seconds in any act.

Doki Doki Poetry Slam – Spend enough time during the Poem Writing session for the music to loop.

Ending Achievements

These are the Achievements you get towards the end of the game.

Ruin everything – Finish the game by deleting Monika’s Character file on the “Desktop” in-game.

Thank you – After finishing the game by deleting Monika’s Character file on the “Desktop” in-game, re-enter the game and you’ll receive a “Thank you” letter from Monika.

She will never be real – When talking to Monika after every other character was deleted, keep interacting with her until you unlock this Achievement. Must read all 15 monologues.

Dan says hi – This Achievement is unlocked after you get the true ending by interacting with each girl on every act before the game ends/the characters get deleted and you’re in the ending phase.

2-stocked – After running the file when the credits have rolled, delete Monika’s file again.

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