Dollhouse – Survival Guide

1. Welcome to Dollhouse! Here is a quick survival guide to help you find your way through the darkness.

2. Your Flashlight is one of your most valuable tools, press “F” to toggle it. Batteries don’t last forever. When your flashlight is off, movement will recharge it.

3. Be quick and cautious! Use the Shift Key to run, but be careful to save your energy for when you need it.

4. Mannequins are most dangerous when your back is turned. Each level will introduce a new type of Mannequin, and they have unique Augments which are meant to harm and confuse you. Flash them to fight back.

5. Analyze helps you gather Evidence, but scanning something once isn’t enough. Make sure to Analyze as much as you can to better understand the Enemies and Traps you’re encountering. When you’ve gathered all possible evidence, Analyze will no longer be available for that subject.

6. Use your Focus ability to see through the eyes of your pursuer. While Focused, you will be able to track Memories.

7. To escape each level, you first need to gather Memories which are stored in Film Canisters. They are hidden throughout each chapter, and can be found by using Focus or through exploration.

8. Once located, Memories are not viable in their current form. To use them, you need to extract them at a Memory Station. 

9. Secure Memory Stations allow you to safely extract a Memory, grant Experience, and can be used to progress through the level. 

10. Blacklist Stations will secure your Memory in exchange for Experience at a cost, the Memory footage will be blacklisted in the Picture Editor at the end of the level. 

11. Skill Secure Stations will grant you the Skill shown at the station and secure your Memory but will not grant any Experience. 

12. Secured Memories are used to open the Lost Room Door, and are available in the Cutting Room after you’ve completed each chapter.

13. After you’ve secured Memories, you need to bring them to the Lost Room Door. You can bring several at a time if you wish.

14. The Lost Room will reveal the game It has planned for you. There is a hint to help you solve each puzzle. Win It’s game to collect the Master Key. 

15. A Beacon is available in the Lost Room, it will temporarily reveal all game pieces, including those that correspond to It’s game.

16. Once you’ve collected the Master Key in the Lost Room, it’s time to locate the Dressing Room and solve the Script.

17. Fixing the Script will be easier if you collected Fragments, which are short pieces of the Script found on the walls of each Chapter. Any collected Fragments will be solved, any missed will need to be assembled in the correct order to fix the Script.

18. After you have fixed the Script, the present in the Dressing Room will be open and you can expose the version of It that has been pursuing you this Chapter.

19. After you’ve left the Dressing Room, you need to run! It’s true identity has been revealed, and will do anything to stop you. Traps are active and dangerous. Find the Cutting Room (the door you entered the chapter from) and escape.

20. After you’ve safely made it to the Cutting Room, you need to use the Memories you collected to create a new film sequence. 

21. If you die along the way, you will need to retrace your steps to find the outline of your body and initiate a Playback. Your Playback will restore your lost progress.

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