Don’t Starve – Reducing Food Consumption Through Strategic Starvation

Spend less time gathering and eating food through the use of the starvation mechanic.

Do the Health Yo-Yo

The basic idea is that hunger and health are linked through starvation. When the player has zero hunger points the player is starving and the health starts decreasing. If the player eats again he gets hunger points and health points from the food. Notice that hunger points never go below zero. This is what we are taking advantage of.

This can be used to make your food go further.

For example lets say you have a butterfly wing and zero hunger points. If you wait wait 6.4 seconds you will lose 8 health points. If you then eat the butterfly wing you will gain 8 health points and 9.375 hunger points.

What would have happen if you would have ate the butterfly wing right away? You would have lost some hunger points during that 6.4 seconds!

The simplest way to take advantage of this mechanic is to keep yourself at about 50% health so that you gain the maximum health benefit whenever you eat something.

Notice that this effectively makes any item that increases health into food.

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