Don’t Starve Together – Etiquette in a Nutshell

To join this world, you are quite brave. Bust the question is, can you behave? There are many rules unspoken but better kept and unbroken. These are manners you best learn quick or you’ll be branded as a prick.


  1. Spare the Flint

The moment you join, flint is your priority, but same for the others. The most you need it two for a pickaxe, and once you start mining, there will be plenty for all for a very long time. And for love of Maxwell, Wigfrid, we do not need 87 spears and helmets!

  1. Take and Give

Surviving together works best when everyone shares and sharing means everyone must contribute. Take what you need, but remember to repay your debt to community, or you’ll get to see why communism failed.

  1. Spare the Pigs

Pig houses be filled with goodie, but tear them all down and no more slavery. Unless you are gathering them to build one large pig village, there is no other reason to demolish the houses besides pure laziness.

  1. Keep Spiders Away

Little brother Webber, they are your friends, but your friends want to eat our face and there’s the problem. If you want a spider farm, do plant the eggs far from home. And remember that spiders can wander very far.

  1. Plant the Trees

Uncle Maxwell and Uncle Woodie, we are all impressed by your woods, but remember to replace what you chop, so we can all enjoy getting wood next morning.

  1. Spare Some Food

Big brother Wolfgang, your belly is a big as your head, but no one enjoys starving either. Do refill the fridge now and then, it’s not that hard. Even a stack of ice with monster meat is good enough.

  1. Dear Wes

Dear Wes, **** off.

  1. Don’t Burn Forest

Willow, we know you’re cold. You’re most likely going to die anyways, so there’s no reason to take the entire forest down with you. So just leave, and return on better season.

  1. No Shelter for Beggar

If you ask for shelter the moment you join, most will assume you’re an absolute deadweight. Explore the world, survive a few days, and prove your worth in the wilderness. Eventually, you will have found safe haven, or at least established your own.

  1. No Shelter For Sucker

Are you hesitant to join the world during Winter or Summer? THEN DON’T! Everyone is already happily suffering without you and there is no time for babysitting. Join during Autumn and we’ll greet you with open arms.

  1. Get Reed if You Need

You should go collect reed at swamp? Tough Wolfgang? Quick Tin Can? Armed Wigfrid? The answer is whoever needs the dang reed. If you want some storytime from Auntie Wicker, go get the reeds yourself because no one likes to get spanked.

  1. Don’t Ghost

Life can be tough, and there’s no shame in dying, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay dead and make everyone feel bad. Get revived as soon as possible, or leave the place until you can.

  1. Finish the Hunt

A true hunter finished whatever animal he tracks and does not leave them as a surprise for unwary travelers. Do whatever you can to dispose of those perilous beats or at least warn other about their location.

  1. Keep Madness Away

Usually, it is advised to reach out if you are in mental distress, but in this world, you are simply a gateway for nightmares and a threat to others. Others could help, but it doesn’t mean they have to and certainly doesn’t mean they have to suffer as well.

  1. Grind Your Own Gears

Dear Tin Can, gears are important to ALL of us. They are essential to keep our food fresh and our base safe. Spare at least three, and we will help you in your journey to the ruins.

  1. Keep Giants Away

Why would you do this?

  1. Spare the Cows

Remember how we humans are good at killing animals to the point of extinction? Let’s trey to avoid that because beefalo are much better alive than dead.

  1. Spare the Meatsack

Yes, koalaphants are juicy and tasty, but they are also quite filthy. They are decent source of manure, but only with their ♥ intact. That is why you may find one alive at base, so put that spear down!

  1. Beginners, Be Smart

This is a world that all wants us dead, and we’re all busy trying to live. We all make mistakes, that is understandable, but also know that mistakes here can be costly. So if you are unsure, always ask. It’s alright not to know, but don’t pretend to know.

  1. Veterans Be Nice

You may teach, but do not boast. Your method is not absolute and do not reject any means different than your’s. This is just a game, and to know more means you just wasted your life more. Don’t act as if your knowledge is cure for cancer.

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