Don’t Starve Together – How to Survive as Webber

This guide will teach you to survive as Webber, both alone and with a full server (6 people in vanilla DST). It will shows good teammates Webber should have and ones he shouldn’t. Basically, this will teach you how to not die.


Note: Credit goes to Pickle

When you’re in autumn, your first instinct is to gather items. If you have this instinct, you are at a good start. If you don’t, gather twigs, berries, and basic resources. As Webber, spiders are your friends, as long as you don’t hit them. This also means anything that hates spiders hates you. You want to take advantage of this and base near spiders, but not too close to pigs. If you are alone, feel free to plop down your spider eggs right on your base, just make sure not to leave food on the ground. If you are in a group, don’t place your eggs in the base, and instead place them a short distance away so the spiders can’t wander into the base. By now, you should have enough items to make a firepit, alchemy engine, and probably a crock pot. Now, you need to find a place to make your base. Some good spots could be the oasis, the queen’s gathering, or possibly the pig king if you hammer down the pig houses. However, you must remember that only you can walk through spider dens, but your teammates can’t, so try to find a base location that isn’t surrounded by spiders so your teammates can travel without spiders trying to eat them. Now that you have a base, it’s time to prepare for winter. A good setup for Webber is a thermal stone, full beard, and a beefalo hat. Now, it’s time for winter.


Now that the white stuff is falling, it’s time to survive in winter. Since you’re Webber, gather some monster meat from your spider egg that you placed. This will solve your hunger, even if just barely, so your teammates can eat the other food you’re group has. By now you should have a beefalo hat, thermal stone, and a full beard if you haven’t shaved it. With this gear, you should be able to explore during winter, which is a great time to get items that will be used throughout the whole game. While exploring, be sure to collect food and materials like ice, as it is very important in summer. You will need to find walrus camps, where you will fight MacTusk, Wee MacTusk, and their two blue hounds. The drops you will want to get are the tam o’ shanter and the walrus tusk, which can be used to make a walking cane. If you happen to find a hunt, take it. You can find a winter koalefant, which drops the winter koalefant trunk. The trunk can be used to make a puffy vest, which when combined with a beefalo hat and thermal stone, is one of the best setups for winter. Now that you got the items listed, it’s time to prepare for your first boss fight. On around day 30, Deerclops will appear. If you want to kite him, use a log suit, football helmet, and a ham bat and you should beat him. If you wish to tank him, make a marble suit, football helmet, and a ham bat. Killing Deerclops is very important as he drops his eyeball, which can be used to make an eyebrella, a very important item in spring. now that winter is just about to end, it’s time to prepare for spring.


Well, you survived winter, and you might be thinking, “What could be harder than that?”. Well, spring isn’t really harder than winter, as long as you have some items. Remember how when you killed Deerclops, he dropped his eyeball? Yeah, make that into a hat. It’s a hat now. The eyebrella is very good and makes Spring very easy. But let’s say you didn’t kill Deerclops, what should you do? Well, make a rain hat and a rain coat, its probably the best thing to make if you ran away from Deerclops. You will notice tons of rain falling from the sky, and your wetness increasing. This is really bad if you’re Webber, as wetness drains your sanity, and Webber has a measly 100 sanity. This is another reason why the eyebrella is important. Now, you may want to shave your silky beard and get that silk, but don’t yet. You can still freeze during spring, so keep it, use a thermal stone, and wear a beefalo hat to survive the cold. What’s that? Frogs falling from the sky? This is frog rain, one of the most annoying things in DS and DST. You can bring the frogs to your spider friends, and they should deal with them. If you want the drops from frogs, try to take one on at a time. If not, get your teammates to assist you in your battle with the frogs. While adventuring, you may find a Moose/Goose. These should be easy to kill, but it’s moslings are a different problem on their own. I recommend searching up their kiting patterns on Youtube, as it will make the fight much easier, or just tanking it. If you don’t care about Moose/Goose’s drops, have your spiders fight it. By now, the nest should be a level 3, so they have a fighting chance. Now that the frogs have stopped falling from the skies, and the Moose/Goose has been slain, its time to move on to summer.


It’s summer, the last season of the year. Begin with shaving your beard, as it will just heat you up even more if you keep it. You should have ice left over from winter and spring, so you should make some ice flingomatics to protect your base from the summer heat, as you base can catch on fire if it isn’t protected. You may also want to make the giant ice cube hat, as it will help during the summer. Now, you may be thinking that you are safe for the season, and you aren’t wrong, but you also aren’t completely safe. You may have found the oasis while adventuring during the other seasons. If you didn’t, it is a small grass biome in the middle of a desert. In the oasis, your buildings can’t catch on fire (unless you set it yourself). Fishing in the oasis is very important as you can get recipes for goggles, needed to properly see in the oasis desert. When fishing, if you find a blueprint for fashion goggles, don’t think you can go exploring with just those. You need to continue fishing to find a blueprint for the desert goggles, which to craft, you need the fashion goggles. Once you have your goggles, you will be able to explore the oasis desert, where you will find the Antlion. There are two ways to deal with the Antlion, you can either offer it tributes every so often, or you can fight it. To engage in the battle, you must give it a cold thermal stone, which will freeze it and begin the battle. Once you defeat it, you no longer have to worry about offering it tributes all the time. It may be better to keep it alive, but that’s only if you want the items you can get from the tributes. Now that the Antlion is slain, you are truly safe in summer. Now that summer is ending, you have finished your first year.


Thank you for reading my guide! I hope everything I covered helps, and if I forgot something, tell me, and I’ll probably add it! I enjoyed making this guide, as it’s a way to teach new players how to play and learn new things from more experienced players.Making this guide, I had in mind how I would play DST. You don’t have to follow this guide word for word, but keep them in mind for when playing. I didn’t talk much about Webber in summer, because there isn’t much different if you were playing as a different character. Anyways, I hope I taught you enough you need to know to survive as both Webber and as any other character. My main inspiration to make this guide is my friend, Gang Doge, who recently made a guide on how to play Wigfrid. Anyways, I hope to see you again when you read my next guide (if I make one)!

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