DOOM – Arcade Mode Tips

Here you can find few useful tips for playing arcade mode.

Tips to Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is a blast once you get into it.

Some Tips for Arcade Mode

  • You can double-punch regular zombies (not zombie soldiers) to get a free Glory Kill for scoring and medal chaining.
  • Arcade Mode is separated from regular campaign files – you will have a different weapon loadout depending on the mission, but everything else (including weapon mods, upgrades and masteries) will be completely maxed out.
  • Ultra-Nightmare is the way to go if you want to top the leaderboards, as it provides the highest score.
  • Do not bother looking for secrets, the main goal is to kill as many things as possible and as stylishly as possible.
  • Pickups will maintain your multiplier but not increase it, use this to your advantage.

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