DOOM Eternal – Marauder Guide

How to Beat the Marauder

If you are having a hard time with the Marauder I hope this can help you out a bit!

Before I start I must say that this is just one of the many ways I believe you can take him down and I am not claiming my way is the only way to do it. However, This is the way I do it and it’s what works the best for me. I share it because I want to help people who have a hard time on this marauder fight get some info on one of the ways you can make this fight easier.

Weapon of Use: Super Shotgun

This is the weapon I prefer using on him as it’s what seems to be the most effective way to take away his armor without taking any damage yourself. If you have the super shotgun fully upgraded you can get armor from killing the small zombies with the meathook and it’s a good way to increase your defense.


The best way to take him down is to watch out for his eyes flashing green and then hitting him quickly with the super shotgun. you can actually shoot him twice with the super shotgun if you are fast enough. Dash when he fires lazers from his axe at you and don’t stay too close to him as he will use the shotgun on you then. Leave the small zombies for armor and ammo as you get 30 plus armor for meathook kills and you can chainsaw the small zombies for ammo too. They respawn constantly so you don’t have to worry about armor or ammo if you play it safe.

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