Door Kickers 2 – Swift Ranger Squad (v16.0 / No Doctrine Yet)

A guide to arrange a ranger squad with mobility of 8 (no tongue twister intented).

Mobility of 8, Why?

To be simple…


  • Can make use of movement-limit spawn points
  • Good at CQC


  • Limited in equipment
  • Not good at stealth

Keep in mind that it is weapons and tactics that protects your units, not armors.

Assaults (3 Variants)

These are for CQC combat. They are the ones to rush and kill. Expect them to take damage, so I’d choose better armor for them.

Frontliner (x4)

  • Mk18 with SOST rounds and a holo-sight is a lightweight AR and is powerful with 15m, perfect for CQC.
  • Suppressor is optional. It does help stealth approach and recoil control, but it also makes Mk18 too long for room clearing.
  • Then we have rifle grade high-cut helmet, levle IV all-around ESAPI armor for some protection, as they are very likely to take shots.
  • I choose M18 as secondary weapon, for its quicker draw, but it’s rarely needed. G19X and G22 are also available.
  • 2 flash bangs, 2 frags, and last 3 you can choose 3 slap charges, 3 frags, 3 flash bangs, or 3 smokes.

M4 (x2)

  • Is the M4 version frontliner. Sometimes, they just need to shoot more than 20m, so we need M4. Also use SOST rounds.
  • But M4 is longer and heavier, so we have to downgrade armor to level IV ranger vest. Don’t worry too much, it’s still quite enough.
  • And we have 1 ounce left so we can take spy camera. Not very necessary if you know the tactic, but still a good option.

Breacher (x2)

  • Is the sapper in ranger squad. Sometimes breaching the wall will make your boys much safer.
  • Problem is, a wall breach charge is heavy. Canonically this is the job for supports and grenadiers, but their weapons are already heavy.
  • Since we want an unit with basic armor to carry a wall breach charge and still have mobility of 8, we can only choose Mp5 or Mk18. Here I choose Mp5, for it’s remarkably shorter than Mk18, better at doorways.

Supports (2 Variants)

LMGs are good, but you don’t need 4 for them. You might need 1, 2 at most, to cover a choke point. Luckily there’s a remedy: shotgun! Any ranger can take an M1014 and instantly become a CQC monster. Well, firepower-wise. M1014 is too long for doorways, and risks of killing hostages and HVTs.

LMG (x2)

  • Is not for rushing, not for CQC, but to fend off enemy reinforcements and cut their paths.
  • This is why I pick the medium-range scope for them.
  • With Mk48, high-cut helmet, raid vest, no pistol, 2 flash bangs and 2 frags, mobility of 8 is achievable.
  • Of course, this unit have no side armor nor backup weapon, but it’s not CQC, we don’t expect shots from sides nor surprise anyway.

Alternatively, you can pick M249. Less fatality, but we have enough weight load for 3 smoke grenades.

Shotgun (x2)

  • Similar to a Mk18 wielder, but armor is downgraded to basic level III ranger vest.
  • Shotgun will 1 shot almost any kind of enemy within 10m.
  • Basically, you turn this support into assault.

Marksmen (2 Variants)

DMRs are good, but you rarely need 1 of them, let alone 4. Again, I spared 2 of them for shotguns.

DRM (x2)

  • Apparently, not designed for CQC, and the range they’re good at protects them from most damages.
  • Squad DM rifle is not deadly enough, other 4 DMRs are rather similar (20 rounds mag, able to one shot one kill).
  • I pick Mk20 SSR, since with a suppressor it has lowest sound range (37m). 3.5-10x scope.
  • Level IV raid vest, high-cut helmet, 2 flash bangs 2 frags and 3 smokes. It will still one shot kill targets at 60m.


Shotgun (x2)

  • See Supports section.

Grenadiers (2 Variants)

They use AR with grenade launcher, and they fight like an assault. Their weapons are heavier, thus to achieve mobility of 8, armors must be downgraded. That will, of course affect their survivability.

M16 (x2)

  • M16 is pretty good at medium to long range, and definitely not good at CQC.
  • Let the distance favors you, and let your units engage targets at medium range.
  • Give them 1/4x scope and level III raid vest, SOST rounds.

Mk18 (x2)

  • When you need a grenade launcher to go with your assault team, this is the weapon to pick.
  • Still, you cut off some protection, and Mk18 with GL is slow to lower and to raise.
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