Dota 2 – New Frontiers 7.33 Map Changes Guide

This guide will explain the significant changes to the map in the latest Dota 2 update, New Frontier 7.33.


Located in the northwest, it will shift to the southeast as the day goes to night. During changes, goes to the twin gate and attacks if touched. After being vanquished twice, will now drop cheese rather than shard.

Drops the Aghanim Scepter during the day and a refresher at night, but only after being beaten three times. Roshan has become more tanky as a result of the HP scaling boost.


It is placed between the tiers 2 and 3 offlane towers, spawns at the 20 minute mark, and respawns after 10 minutes with a health and damage reflection bonus. All damage inflicted to it is reflected to nearby heroes.

Tormentor will drop a shard to the lowest networth hero when it is slain. If every hero already has a shard, it will instead provide gold and experience.


There are a total of eight distributed over the map. It takes 1.5 seconds to activate and will deactivate after 2 minutes if an opponent channels it. If Roshan is slain, the team that defeats him will possess all watchers. It only provide half of the observer’s ward vision (800 range).

Lotus Pool

On both sides of the lane, there is one near where the creep waves initially meet. Lotus will be produced every 3 minutes and can only be stacked up to 6 times. For one lotus, channel to it for 2 seconds. When devoured, each lotus offers 125 health and mana and can be combined.

Combine three healing lotuses to make one great healing lotus, and three great healing lotuses to make one greater healing lotus.

One great healing lotus provides 400 hp and mana, while one greater healing lotus provides 900 hp and mana. Three larger lotus may be combined with a block of cheese to provide oneself a 500 damage barrier; the barrier is permanent and will not dissipate on death.

Wisdom Rune

Starting at minute 7, a wisdom rune will spawn every 7 minutes near both tier 2 side lanes towers. The hero who picks it up gains 280 experience points. Every 7 minutes, the exp scale rises by 280 points. Stackable in the same location. Wisdom runes at the same location offer the same amount of experience.

Twin Gate

There is one next to both rosh pits. Channel for 3 seconds to teleport between them.


No longer provide experience and vision. A new outpost has been established near the Twin Gate.

Defender’s Gate

It allows friendly units to enter while keeping adversaries out. placed in the radiant’s northernmost base and the dire’s southernmost base.

7.33 New Frontiers Map

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Map Timeline

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