Dragon Age: Origins – Switched Pronouns Glitch (Without Mod)

Alright. So the main base of this mod is to help people with a simple glitch that basically breaks the game. And usually you can test this with a male human noble.

The Problem and What It Does

Let me also explain some more things. I saw this from another person however they didn’t get the help.

I thought to keep on going so I can hit Ostagar. If I get regarded as female.. Whatever. My person is male. I mean it is possible that Nobles of Fereldan (It was Telia) could be affecting it but it is also affecting other origins so it cannot be it. I hit to when you first get attacked after you wake up when Howe’s men attack. No conversation. If you talk to the person you bedded with… You end up under the map. You can kill the 2 guards but Eleanor doesn’t come out. Oh and the servant is alive, but cannot talk to him.

Overall it breaks the game as I said.

So in my case this problem kept happening even if I uninstalled my game twice and tried to find my problem. The problem isn’t in the Steam files because I deleted everything. Hell even deleted the Toolset. It’s in the Document files.

How to Stop The Glitch Breaking Thing from Happening Again

  • Step 1: Go to C:/Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/ packages/ core/ data
  • Step 2: Delete everything but the fonts (Allows you to see console commands if you got it)
  • Step 3: It should work for now
  • Step 4: Just to safe than sorry go to /Steam(SteamLibrary)/steamapps/common/Dragon Age Ultimate Edition/packages/core/override/ and delete the Telia Folder.
  • Step 5: Make sure to have all your dazip mods that you want to keep in a folder so it will be easier to put in the DAUpdater.
  • Step 6: Go to C:/Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/Addins and delete everything in there.
  • Step 7: Go to Steam(SteamLibrary)/steamapps/common/Dragon Age Ultimate Edition/ bin-ship and double left click DAUpdater
  • Step 8: Install the mod with dazip except for Telia (That was my problem was causing my issue.)

I only keep on pointing out that it was Telia because the rest of my mods didn’t change the story. It only changed clothing, abilities, or added quests.

Mods That I Have and Work All Together

  • 40 Tactics
  • Advanced Party
  • Advanced Quickbar
  • Advanced Tactics
  • Alistair morph DAI colors without realistic teeth
  • All Can Learn
  • Ancient Elven Ruins
  • Anora – Diligence Armor
  • Anora – Ornamental Greatsword
  • Armored Mabari
  • Auto Loot
  • Awakening to OC
  • Awakening Rune Fix
  • Axed Facial Scar
  • Banter Now
  • DAI Hairstyles by Risibisi
  • DA2 Armour Light
  • DA2 Winged Templars
  • DAI Dalish Armor
  • Deathblow – All
  • Devilthorn Armor
  • Extra Dog Slot
  • Extended Shapeshifting
  • FTG Quickbar
  • Gift Guide – Origins and Awakening
  • Gifts on sale (Awakening)
  • Grey Warden Weddings
  • Hairstyle Day Vol 1 and 2
  • Hips sword sheath
  • Kirkwall Exports
  • Leliana’s Armor
  • Lock Bash
  • Make your companions very noisy
  • More Hairstyles
  • Morrigan’s Robes
  • Morrigan’s Eye texture fix
  • New Materials
  • No Helmet
  • Noble Couslands of Fereldan
  • Party Picker Animation (Wynne or Leliana)
  • PTs Vibrant Colors
  • Rune Slots
  • Script to Add Leliana True Sacred Ashes Armor
  • Sword sheaths cutscene glitches fix
  • Temple of Vulak
  • The Last Stand
  • Tombs of the Undead
  • Universal Voices
  • Unlock spec dao daa
  • Update 1.1 Leliana’s Armor Set
  • Utility Sack v2
  • Vault of Heroes
  • Witcher 2 in DAO

Pictures and Video to Show

As it should look like without Telia.

Basically delete Telia in here and you should be fine, but if you want to be sure then delete everything.

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