Tips on improving raiding game and how to point raiders skills and passives properly.

Tips for Raider

Here are a few things I picked up, they are a bit obvious

  • If they have an area key placed consider that area dead
  • If they have an area key found but not in place consider that area a hot zone
  • Look at the status of the survivors, if you downed someone in Area A and you went to area E and they just got up then you know there are probably at least two survivors in Area A
  • Stop for a second and listen to your surroundings(and not your flight noise) if you get close to the survivors you can hear them open things, shoot their guns, interact with civilians, etc

Also make sure you’re using your detection skills. I’ve seen so many Cell players just not use Ki Sensing (or Afterimage/Solar Flare to keep Survivors from going on the offensive) and then suddenly get wrecked.

That and don’t spend all your time in the sky looking down. Sound queues are just as strong for you as they are Survivors, and you can often find them just hiding around underpasses/valleys expecting you to just fly overhead and on to something else.

Go for “town” areas early on too, as they tend to have a concentration of loot and civilians that people will congregate early on to try and clear.

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