Dragon’s Hoard – How to Make Money Easy

This guide will show the best way to make money for any player. It has tricks and tips on where to get free money and how to easily farm 2 challenging and prized enemies.

Easiest Way to Make Money

Start Up

In Dragon Hoard there is an abundance of gold and gear. However, getting enough gold to buy the gear you desire can be quite challenging. Here I will show you step by step on how to get rich quick.

The first step, after completing the short tutorial, would be claiming the free gold in the starter village. Towards the back of the spawn point is a windmill. (Spawn point is the dragon statue in the middle of the village.) In the windmill there will be a chest called, “Kreg’s sweet Stash,” which contains 500 free gold.

The second step is to go the house on the other side of the village. It is the one with the red decorative sheets. Once inside, there will be a chest on the right wall that is marked as, “Weapons.” Inside the chest will be 500 gold and a salable sword.

Now you can use your gold to buy a common staff at the nearby weapon shop, the building in the picture below, or save up to buy a rare staff. The common staff is 150 gold and the rare staff is 2500 gold. You will need a staff for the next step. Either staff will work.

Tip: If you want to save up, I recommend fighting wolves. They give 50 gold and the man by the fallen trees has a quest on them. I also recommend getting some form of armor too, if you are going to fight wolves.

First Challenge

Once you acquire a staff, you will need to travel to the city by the mountain. To the left of the city, (when facing the entrance), is some small hills with ore between them. Around the ore will be some Cyclops, and your target, the Cyclops King.

There will be some enemies around him, eliminating them is optional but may be needed. In your next step, you will need to lure the Cyclops king into the city and too the keep. Right past the entrance of the keep is two staircases. Make sure the Cyclops king is still following you and head up one of the staircases.

At the top is a balcony. Go to the balcony and jump off when the Cyclops gets up the stairs. Once you have jump off, immediately go past the Weapon Shop. You will need to stay in the city for this to work! Wait a few seconds and make you way back to the keep. Walk in between the training guides at the front. The Cyclops king should be stuck in place next to the Quest NPC. Avoid getting too close and began using your staff on the target. Continue standing between the guards.

There is a chance that the Cyclops king will start chasing you. When this happens repeat the process of using the balcony. Repeat this process several times until you have 10,000 gold. Once you have obtained enough gold, go to the weapons shop and buy one of the Epic staffs. You will need the staff for the next challenge. I also recommend to buy armor that will increase you attack.

Last Challenge

This is the most dangerous, but most rewarding, challenge. Once you have your staff, you will need to make your way to the Pyramid city entrance. At the entrance you will see some enemies. I recommend fighting them because they have the chance to attack you when you’re preforming the trick. (Similar trick that was used on the Cyclops king.) From the start of the entrance you will want to take a left. Go through the arch way and take a diagonal right. Up on a platform will be a larger and more powerful version of the previous enemies. I will just call it Boss. Next to Boss is normal enemy. If the trick is preformed correctly, the enemy will not notice you. The enemy typically noticed me when ever I got to close to the platform.

Now for the trick. Simply take you staff, move close enough to take damage, and as seen in the picture, attack. As long as you stay diagonal, Boss won’t notice you. If Boss ever does notice you, RUN!

As you grind for gold, you will get better and have a better feel for safe places to attack from. Soon, you will be rich in no time. With all the gold you are going to make, you will be able to buy anything you want. Yes, gold does count towards your dragon’s progress.

Enjoy the loot.

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