DREDGE – Research Asssistant Guide (Collect the Samples)

Quick guide to help you catch the Angler Fish, The Stoplight Loosejaw, the Giant Amphipod, and the Snailfish.

How to Collect the Samples

Some Personal Advice

  1. I recommend that you at least have hull 2 and the extra cargo slots.
  2. i also recommend that you have upgraded engines to make getting around easier.

Also… be nice have never done a guide before so first attempt to help others out.

Finding the AnglerFish

  1. You are going to want to have upgraded your Fishing equipment to Bottomless Lines to enable you to get both abyssal and hadal fish.
  2. I found my the angler fish between grids B3 and C3 during the late morning. Simple sweet nothing fancy required.

Finding the Stoplight LooseJaw

Warning! The name of the fish in the mission is misleading you are not looking for a “Stoplight LooseJaw” the regular LooseJaw fills the mission requirements.

  1. As before i recommend that you have your fishing gear upgraded to the Bottomless Line.
  2. I found the spawn point for them at grid D6 at night. I know some others have also been able to find them around i think it is D1 or G1. But i didn’t go down there to confirm or not.
  3. There is nothing fancy about this run. Run out to the coordinates around evening, early night and look for a bunch of red dots floating under the water. Fish on top of that and you got your LooseJaw.

Finding the Giant Amphipod and Snailfish

  1. You will need to put the device on the generator to be able to keep the kraken (he lives in the center of the bay in the deepest part and hates when you go anywhere near the middle) at bay while you fish if not you will find yourself getting wrecked quickly.
  2. You need to have your equipment upgraded to the Bottomless Line to be able to get these fish
  3. Wait for night fall and activate the generator by clicking on it, this will keep the Kraken away from you.
  4. Once the ward is going and making a annoying noise use your spyglass and locate the fish points in the center and grab the 2 fish that you need.
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